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Thoughts on "loving the one"and how it changes the world

Jesus was incredibly personal.

He cared about the one.
In a crowd of people, he saw the one who needed him the most.
He noticed the unnoticed.  
He reached out to one. person. at. a. time.
And He forever changed history and eternity.

We may think what we give is small.
We may wonder if what we do will ever really make any difference at all.
But if we will love just one--just one at a time with a love as absolute and unrestrained as the love of Christ, we will make all the difference in the world.

One. Person. At. A. Time.

And what, really, does love look like?

It looks like arms spread open on a cross, like a perfect man and perfect God who took on himself our death sentence.  
It looks like showing the world that heaven is real and God is just, and Jesus spanned the gap.
It looks like loving the soul of a person enough to tell them about the One who believes they're worth dying for and who has the power to forgive all their sins, redeem all their hurts and failures.

It looks exactly like the Gospel.

Love is the Gospel.

And Jesus asks us, us who have received this great love, us who have had our sins wiped clean, us who have experienced his endless grace and mercy, he's asked us to share His Love with a world dying to hear it.

He's asked us to carry His Mission of Mercy, of Reconciliation, of Forgiveness, of New Life to one person at a time.


That's what we who follow Jesus are.

Every one of us.
Missionaries to the one.

To the old woman who lives alone in the little house on the corner. 
To the kid who rides his bike up and down our street just to escape the violence at home.
To the man next door who struggles with addiction.
To the mom with a special needs child, desperately in need of a friend herself.

So, Let's dare it.
Let's dare to love just one today with the Love of Christ.

And for just that one person, we might make all the difference in the world.

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