celebrating eight years of riding in cars, trucks, (and motorcycles) with a boy I married

It's been a long road, honey...
but the journey has just begun
we've had our share of ups and downs
twists and turns
But we've held on tight
sat close on the curves
and made a decision
to keep our eyes on the destination
and not the rear view mirror
Eight years ago...
we decided two was better than one
in the service of Jesus
and that makes three
strands not easily broken
and stronger than ever.

Happy Anniversary again, baby!

Life is ALWAYS an adventure with you!

I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love you more today than ever.

P.S. Our anniversary was really yesterday and we celebrated the day before that because that's just the way it happens after eight years :)


what I love now and what I'll love then

My Jesus, My Lord,

The things I love the most now 
are things I never appreciated 
quite as much before...

My childhood:
Oh I thought I had it rough
Miles and miles from nowhere
But now I miss the wide open sky
the endless waves of sandy hills
Prairie grass nodding to the wind

That hometown feeling you get
when the girl at the cash register
was your classmate in highschool
and your algebra teacher
is in the checkout line behind you
Everyone is connected somehow
in a small town

Are there things I will love 
more than ever later in life
that I don't appreciate 
near as much now?

I imagine I will long for the days
I barely have time to brush my teeth
because I'm so busy brushing 
everyone else's

Or the time it takes to dress four kids,
wipe four faces, tie eight shoelaces,
and do it all over again in ten minutes

I don't want to begrudge even a moment
you've given me, Lord

Because moments make memories
the most treasured in life

P.S. We said our goodbyes to the ranch this weekend and now we are back home in Louisiana.  We've got a treasure chest full of pictures and memories and memoirs.  Can't wait to share them now that I have the internet...(smile).


at home on the range

Blizzard and Jenny

Lost Creek Cattle barn transported  piece by piece from Fort Niobrara's U.S. Calvary in the 1800's

We arrived.  At three a.m. Sunday morning, past the shadow of the Lost Creek barn, at the end of a ten mile gravel driveway and a 12 hour trip, we finally arrived.  My kids slept fitfully (they woke up screaming every ten minutes) and I was frazzled (still recovering), but we made it.  Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, and Glory to God.

Kids are amazing.  They are like Energizer bunnies that keep going and going and going and going...
And they've loved every minute we've been here at my home ranch.  My brother Jody has two kids close in age to my oldest and we've had so much fun with him and his family and all the family out here.

Swimming in a cattle tank my brother set up for us (that's my brother on the right--he's a purple heart vet):

Sitting bareback on Jenny and feeding the horses treats:
Paddleboating on our pond:
and I could go on and on about all the experiences my kids are soaking up.

We love being home on the range!

p.s.  we are vitually in the middle of nowhere (I think we pulled into a gas station the other night that was called that) and access to the internet is a bit limited, so I apologize if I don't post as frequently


leaving on a jet plane...

I apologize ahead of time if you are going to be on a certain flight to Denver tomorrow....

I will be traveling solo mommy-o with four little ones in tow.  And we are not the quietest family--no, I am sure it will be highly entertaining.  I'll have you know I'm bringing A LOT of snacks to keep their little flappers busy, along with crafts, crayons, books, games, toys, and whatever else I could stuff into an already bulging carry-on and their backpacks.

We're going to visit my family on our ranch in Nebraska.  Three whole weeks in the middle of nowhere!  Now that is the way to vacation!  The kids are so excited, it's all they can talk about.  When I tried to explain to them that daddy wasn't coming right away but he would be there for the last week of our trip, they somehow came to the conclusion that daddy's truck would be pulled by a looooong rope tied to the plane and that's why he would be late.  Mmmmmmhmmmm....sweet imagination.

It's been almost two years since I've been home.  I'm looking forward to this trip.  Last time it took me three whole days in the van with three restless kids...and I swore I'd never do it again.  But this time--oh thank you, Jesus!--we have a direct flight into Denver where my dad will meet us and drive us the six hours to the ranch.  Sigh.  Sigh.  Really deep sighs of relief.

Now all I have to do is keep my kids from driving all the passengers on the plane crazy...


oh pinterest oh pinterest your pins are ever changing

Is anyone else totally addicted to pinterest?
I love all the inspiration!!
It's like all your favorite fashion and design magazines minus the fluff.
Just the good stuff.

For example, I'm planning our summer--
and the way I plan is a little random alright?
Okay, the truth is I'm not much of a planner at all...
But I'm a dreamer!
So....I'm dreaming of what our summer will look like....

First, we'll all sip on strawberry milk for breakfast occasionally on really special days that we'll decide are special just because....

And I will look this fabulous (dreaming here, don't interrupt me now)....

Then we'll head out to the pond with these in tow....

And of course Astair will be dressed just like this....

But we may all wake up on the wrong side of the bed...
And that's ok, too.

We'll just start all over again tomorrow.

p.s.  are you on pinterest?  let me know!  I want to follow you!
you can follow me here.


we are so weird

But you knew that already, right?

Our Memorial Day consisted of swimming with an alligator, eating dozens of boiled crawfish, lots of fun with family, snacking on luscious desserts, and oh did I mention swimming with an alligator?


We're weird.

I know what you're thinking:  cake and an alligator all in one post?  Hey, at least I'm leaving you with a picture of the cake!

p.s.  the alligator my kids named "Jengo" was realeased that same day back into the wild where Joel caught it the night before--with his bare hands.  crazy, crazy man.


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