the joys

Just a few pictures of the greatest joys in my life....
a family album of sorts
(this page is still *under construction*)

Family Photo Shoot:  June 2010

Boston, Thaddeus holding Legend, Astair

me and my man

Legend at 3 months

New Years Day 2011

Thaddeus, Boston and Astair

May 2011


random and wonderful

...from the weekends before last

random wonderful #1:  polka dots and purple boots

random wonderful #2:  the little man pose

random wonderful #3:  vintage dress and free thrifted boots

random wonderful #4:  spontaneous jam session with my man and our friends Chris and Erin

random wonderful #5:  getting to see one of my best friends and roommate from college!  Erin flew in from my home state of Nebraska and spent almost a week visiting.  It just felt really good to be around a close friend that has known me for years.  There's nothing like that feeling--the comfort of being exactly as you are and knowing that you will always be accepted.  I was exhausted from motherhood, but Erin was such a breath of fresh air.  Joel and I got to meet her boyfriend Chris, too, and we enjoyed our time with them.  Ummm, I'm not sure if I can say the same for them! They certainly got to see our crazy life up close and personal--they couldn't sit down without our kids piling on top of them and attacking them with random toys!

 It really was wonderful.  It was one of those weekends when you don't plan anything, you just enjoy the day as the moments define it.  Those are always the best.


Giving Thanks in the everyday

This day,
I am thankful for motherhood.
For dirty dishes and full tummies.
For my imperfections and my constant need for Jesus.
For warm pink sunsets that linger in my rearview mirrors.
For grace that keeps me moving on a few hours of sleep.

This day,
I will not take for granted
Tiny arms that wrap around me and sticky kisses in my hair;
That shoes need tied, books need read, bottoms need wiped 
and mouths need fed.

This day,
I will give thanks for
My husband's love and admiration.
His dirty boots leaving smudges on my living room rug.
The way he plays and works and gives so tirelessly.

This day,
I appreciate
Late blooming roses and fair autumn weather,
Rare quiet moments when God's love is spoken,
Friends and family and unexpected treasures of wisdom.
Seeing the invisible power of prayer 
in the faces of answered ones.

This day,
I give back to God.
Because I'm humbled by the gift it is.


love moves oh yes it does

Since I started doing graphic design for our church, I get to see our series ahead of time.  And I was sooo excited to hear about this one!  And even more excited when I heard how we were going to move in love!  In simple ways.  In the everyday.  By being available and attentive to the needs of people around us.  In kind gestures and thoughtful actions.  Paying for the person's coffee in line behind us.  Carrying groceries to a mother's car.  Delivering meals to the hungry.  Filling someone's car with gas.  The list goes on and on there's no end to the possibilities of love.  There's no stopping love when it's on the move!

When our pastor announced it this Sunday, I just couldn't contain my excitement.  This is what the church should look like!  This is how the world should define us.  On Saturday, we are all meeting at the church and then splitting off into several different areas in our community to show the love of Jesus in real, tangible, practical ways.  This entire month is going to be full of love on the move.

I can't wait.  And I shouldn't wait!  Everyday I'm surrounded by opportunities to give love.  Even if I never leave my house.  My husband comes home seeking a sanctuary of peace, my children are testing my love with their attitudes and actions.  My neighbors may be lonely.  My friends may be hurting.  And I want to be a vessel of God's love.

But can I be honest?  Sometimes I don't feel like my love tanks are full enough.  Sometimes I feel exhausted from the amount of love four kids and a husband need.  Sometimes I'm too focused on my own struggles to see someone else struggling.  Sometimes I just don't feel very loving.  And that's when I realize how much I need God's love.  It's HIS love not mine, that changes hearts and fills souls.  Nothing I try to do in my own power will have any effect on His Kingdom.  I NEED JESUS.  I WANT HIS LOVE to MOVE through me.

"Christ's love has moved me to such extremes. His love has the first and last word in everything we do.  Our firm decision is to work from this focused center: One man died for everyone. That puts everyone in the same boat."  2 Corinthians 5:14 MSG
P.S. I just read the lyrics to an awesome song here right after I posted this.  


i give up...

This is the same man who throws firecrackers in the bathroom when I'm taking a shower.
And laughs when I nearly jump out of my skin.

He's lucky he's such a good dad and so good looking.


autumn loves

gray tights...I think I might love you this year.
last year I tried but failed.
pregnancy + tights = not so hot

a tea picnic with my tiny people

apple cake, apple pie, apple cider, apple butter, apples dipped in caramel...

curls, plaid, and cowgirl boots.
love. love. love.

autumn confetti cupcakes that i didn't make but got to eat anyways.
nuff said.

camping....in the great indoors.

Legend looking stellar in a tweed vest for his dedication.

tis the season of eggnog!
and yes, that was me drinking a quart of eggnog at the red light yesterday.
i just couldn't resist.

what are you loving this autumn?


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