I love all things spring--pretty pastels, bright green grass, and the fresh scent of new flowers.  How fitting that Easter is celebrated around this time of year when everything is being resurrected and life bursts into bloom-- draping a drab world in the colors of the rainbow.  

Hope sails in on a gentle spring breeze, reminding us that Jesus makes all things new.

We hid easter eggs today.  And after hiding them twice with candy I finally wised up and filled them with grapes instead.

Last week, we dyed easter eggs.  And we managed to eat almost all of them before mommy could even snap a picture.

Here are the few, the proud, the remaining easter eggs.  
They lasted about a minute.
Thad said he loves to eat baby chickens.



Today, pink is the color of my thankfulness.
Every week I want to do a "thankful for color" post.  
Just to remind me to be thankful.  
Because sometimes I forget.

When I first had my twins, I was overwhelmed by the seemingly endless needs to be met and babies to be nursed  (at the same time, no less).  I remember how long the nights were then.  Isn't it clever how God wires the mommy brain?  Somehow, we forget how hard those first months are.  There were days when I wondered how I was going to survive it.  And that's when God showed me how.

His answer to my weariness was to give thanks.

So simple.  So very simple.  I have a million things to be thankful for.  Whenever I start feeling overwhelmed I start thanking God for everything that comes to mind.  It's hard to be grumpy when I'm busy recounting my blessings.  

There's something else that happens when I cultivate a thankful heart-- when I open my eyes to see all the little ways God blesses me.  Joy happens.  Real joy.  Not the kind that smiles all the time, but the strong, peace-like-a-river kind of joy.  The kind that only comes from Jesus.

Today, I'm joyfully giving thanks for 

little toes painted pink

pink camellias from my neighbor's yard

blossoms from my mother-in-love's redbud tree

brand new fingers gripping daddy's 

kisses from big sisters and big brothers

the path under the oak tree across from my house

my pink journal (it's almost too pretty to write in)

roses that will bloom again as spring settles in the air

and even though this one's not pink, I'm especially thankful for an internet connection after a week of it being down  (you bloggers know just how big this is)

I'm looking forward to catching up with all of you : )


heart gifts

I found this picture and a poem I wrote in 2008 tucked in my journal yesterday.  With my mom flying out in the morning, sleepless nights, and even longer days ahead I needed this reminder that I'm not alone.  

To my Jesus, who is everything to me

You are the sun 
that bathes my world in a thankful glow
that chases shadows far from me
that warms and renews my soul
You are golden Light

You are the bright splash of dancing leaves
against a clear blue sky
a sudden gentle breeze
the thrill of joy in my children's eyes
You are all of these

You are the tiny arms of a little child
wound tight around my neck
the tug of love upon my heart
when I hold your gifts to me
You are the warmest feelings that I get

You are the gentle whispered kiss of night
the peaceful sound of a dreaming house
the knowledge that everything will be alright
You are the arms holding me tight


Friends and Family

I have been blessed with the most wonderful family and friends. 
My mothers are beyond incredible and  I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about my mom leaving Monday.  My church family is so beautifully supportive.  Every day up until the end of next week they've scheduled to bring me meals.  Our pastors are some of the most generous people I've ever met and it's evident in the lives of the people they lead.  It's so wonderful to be part of such a loving family of believers.  Nothing blesses a mommy more than a cooked meal!  

And friends, my beautiful, beautiful friends.  I wish I had more time to spend with every one of you!  If you live nearby me, don't be afraid to stop in for a visit.  It's a zoo here, but the zoo always need visitors. For those of you I've never officially met, but have gotten to know through the words of your own blogs and comments, I sincerely love you.  You are such a source of encouragement and inspiration to me!  (my hubby wholeheartedly agrees).

Speaking of friends, my friend Michelle from Perfectly Parish Photography dropped by the other day to snap some pics of Legend "just for fun".  He fit perfectly on the little bookshelf Joel made for his room!    (warning to all the moms:  don't try this at home alone).  Thanks, Michelle, for these darling pictures!


your time

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven..."  Ecclesiastes 3: 1

This was Legend's time to be born.
The first chapter in the pages God wrote for his life.
His time to live, love, and be loved.
Our time to rejoice
In this gift on loan from heaven.

Little Legend,

Welcome to the world.  You've already changed it.  You've marked our hearts with love and filled our home to overflowing.  God is smiling over you, rejoicing over the masterpiece that He has created.  We love you so much and we're bursting with joy over your birth. 

Your family  

P.S.  You have the best daddy in the whole wide world.  Your mommy totally forgave him for taking pictures of her drooling in her sleep after you were born.  


thanks for all the love and prayers

This will be my last iPhone post, although I have really enjoyed this I have to turn it back over to a true writer, Joye.
Joye has been my hero, lover, friend, and mother of the most wonderful children. Some rise in the midst of adversity only, but Joye rises every day like the sun. She not only brightens my day but the days if hundreds others. She brings new life into the world with no fears or worries, but just Christ like perseverence and unconditional love. I could never do what she does every day, I haven't met anyone else who posseses that much love and gives it away so freely. Thank you Joye for all your sacrifices, I hope one day I can learn to love like you. You are a true HERO OF LOVE. Thad, Boston, Astair, and Legend are the most blessed children in the world, and I am the most blessed man alive or to have ever lived. You own my heart.

Love Joel
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we like our new TOY

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big sister sharing the love

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The Legend Begins

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Sleeping beauty

It is said there is a legend in each and every one of us, but bringing that Legend to life can be a labor intensive battle, as it has been for RubieMyLove. Thanks Mom you deserve some rest ; )

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free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are ALL free at last!!!

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Uploaded - 3\15\10-10

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