no mustache yet

Seriously, kiddo, you make me so happy.
You are my sunshine.

Today you fell and chipped your tooth.
It hurts and you're sad.
When you're sad I'm sad too.
Maybe we'll wear these glasses to the dentist's office.


happy babies happy vintage room

Finally.  This mamma is breathing a long sigh of satisfaction.  One more thing to cross off my "baby-do-before-he's-due" list.  And it's not even womb baby's room.  We now have three cribs in our house.  Three.  Two of them were given to us  (isn't that wonderful?)  The twins are almost two years old but I couldn't bring myself to switch them to toddler beds just yet.  They sleep so well and are so nicely contained in their cribs.  I'll let them adjust to the new baby and then we'll try turning them loose.

I am so thankful that I didn't break the piggy bank for this room.  From start to finish, we've spent less than $100. The most expensive item was the fabric for the curtains I made.  The dresser was given to us and we painted it and the bookcase.  The walls were washed in a fresh new color.  All of the other little odds and ends that make this room unique I found at thrift stores or in my attic.  Scrapbook paper and vintage children's books from my childhood home were framed.  And the two little babies now sleeping in their beds-- are memories in the making.

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vintage scrap happy art

There's just something about God's creative energy alive within me-- spinning, weaving, dreaming and designing life into being.  It compels me to create.  It persuades me to dream.  And I am embracing this blissful distraction!  There's nothing I love more than a "blank slate" of a room and the challenge to make it beautiful from pennies in a bucket.

My freshly painted goodwill frames were begging to be filled.  My mother (bless her dear heart) sent me dozens of vintage children's books from the ranch.  The ones that had the most wear and tear became instant art work.
Scrapbook pages that I always intend to use but never find the time, were pulled out of storage.  I drew pictures, traced them onto the patterned paper, cut them out and then glued them to white cardstock.
So simple.
And yet it makes me feel like I've accomplished something to inspire my little tots.  Astair loves to reach out of her crib and name the framed animals  (ok, so maybe I'm the only one that could ever understand what she's saying, but I'm sure I heard her say "kitty").  Boston says "Oooohhh, pretty."  every time he walks in the room.  And Thaddeus, ever the encourager, told me I was the "yummiest mommy".
That makes it all more than worth it.

You are probably so over seeing pictures of this room, but I have more coming!  Tomorrow I'm posting the as-close-as-it-will-ever-be-to-completed room : )

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stuffed with "luff"

With the love relationship fully restored between me and my borrowed sewing machine, I've gotten a little stitch happy.  I just had to make the twin's stuffie luffies that would look good with the decor in their new room.  It was a necessity.  And it didn't cost me a cent to make them because I used leftover fabric, buttons and polyester filling.  They are as easy to pie to make (or in my opinion--easier) and definitely addictive!  I've got plans to make another one for Thaddeus.  These are great projects for someone who is just learning to sew.  I've only been sewing off and on for a year now  (my elementary 4-H projects don't really count).  My first "break-in" project was a lined dress for Astair and it wasn't the easiest pattern to follow (read: it took weeks to make).  Stuffies like these, on the other hand, take less than thirty minutes. That's my kind of instant gratification.

The easy peasy joyeful way to make a stuffie luffie
{1}  Draw your own pattern on newspaper, leaving room for at least a 1/4" seam allowance
{2}  Pin pattern to a folded piece of fabric and cut--you should have two identical pieces of fabric
{3}  Cut out other shapes that you will want on the face of your stuffie  (ears and eyes, mouths or feet)
and pin them in place.  I used fabric on my elephant and felt on my penguin/platypus (who knows what it is!)
{4}  Sew them on making sure the feet and/or the wings are turned to the inside.

{6}  Place the right sides of your stuffie together and pin in place.
{7}  Sew around the edges at 1/4", leaving at least a 2 inch hole open (for stuffing).  Do this twice to ensure that it won't unravel and will withstand a lotta lovin'.
{8}  Optional:  Sew a zig zap pattern on the very edge of your fabric to further strengthen it.
{9}  Turn your stuffie inside out by pulling it through the 2 inch hole you left open.
{10}  Stuff with fiberfill or any other stuffing you might have on hand and sew the hole closed.
This is Perry.
He's not sure exactly what he is.  At first he believed he was a penguin, but his boy thought he looked like Perry the platypus on Phineas and Ferb.  Although his identity is a bit muddled, he is a favorite of tots and felines alike.  His best friend is Elouise the Elephant (first photo) and his favorite place to sleep is in the middle of the floor.



This morning I planned a post on how to make the stuffies I revealed yesterday.  I planned to finish the twins' room and take pictures of that split second of uncluttered tranquility.   I planned to meet with my friend to organize our first MOPS get together.  I plan, I plan, and I plan.
"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails."  Proverbs 19:21
My plans are definitely many.  I have a habit of overwhelming myself with "projects" (you haven't noticed?).  And you know what I forgot to do this morning?  I forgot to ask the Lord what His plans are.  I forgot that His purpose is the most important.  I forgot that my plans will come to nothing without His spirit breathing life into them.

So today, I may or may not accomplish all that I intended to do, but I know it's not too late to sit at the feet of my Jesus and let Him share His visions, His goals, His heart with me.  And I know His plans for me involve peace, rest, quiet, strength, imparted love, selfless acts, being an intentional wife and a diligent mother.

I feel a gentle tugging at my restless heart's strings; patient eyes imploring me to stop and be with him.  I need what He will give.  His purposes alone will prevail.  And I want His plans to become my own.


diy: chalkboard

My nesting instinct is in overdrive.  I can't even keep up with myself right now!  Laundry has piled to the ceiling, sorely neglected, while I have been happily distracted with project after project--sometimes beginning another before the first one is completed.  I'll get an inspiration and I'll just run with it.  As if sewing curtains with three preschoolers (see post below) wasn't ambitious enough, decorating ideas are running through my brain faster than I can keep up with them.  I bought a dozen frames from Goodwill and the damaged rack in Hobby Lobby and I've been up painting for the last three nights.
I really loved these oval frames I bought at a bargain because the glass had been broken.  I knew immediately that I wanted to make one of them a chalkboard for the twins' new room.  So I bought some chalkboard spray paint from Hobby Lobby (have I mentioned how much I love that store?) and got to work.

Paint is magic.
And just to give you a sneak peek into some of my other "projects" at the moment (posts will soon follow)...
Scrapbook paper and vintage children's books make instant art

Of course my kid's needed a handmade stuffie from mommie...of course


pretty bird stitches

And they're up!
I've never sewn curtains before but when I saw this fabric my mind latched onto the little yellow finches and just. would. not. let. go.  When we got a tiny antique dresser and another crib for free, I could finally justify buying the fabric.
Ahhh, now to find the time to sew.
All week I would gaze wistfully at the sewing machine, fingers itching to stitch, but time refusing to be pinned down.  Finally, Thad and I came to an agreement.  While the babies slept, mamma sewed...with her Little Man pressing the "gas pedal".  It was an adventure.  And we both feel like we've accomplished something grand.  In fact, the whole family has contributed to this curtain endeavor.  Daddy made the cornice, Boston left the tiniest smudge of chocolate, and Astair wrinkled the bottom half.  We work well together as a family.
And we love well, too...most of the time!  I snapped this picture when all three of my kids were giving each other hugs and kisses.  It lasted for nearly two minutes.  Two whole minutes free of squabbles, quibbles, and sibling rivalry!
Way to go, gang, way to go!

Disclaimer: Don't look too closely at the second picture--Boston thought his freshly painted room needed some wall art.

And Side Note completely unrelated to this post:


fragile: a theme?

Yep.  There it was.  Pasted on my 1970's suitcase.  Revealing the truth even through a staged photograph.  
Might as well be pasted on my forehead.
I really don't like to be fragile.  Much less feel fragile.  I'd rather have it all together.  I'd rather be strong, accomplished, and resilient.
Anything but fragile.
But fragile is what I've been of late.

And I'm learning what I consider weakness just may be a prerequisite for a strength outside my own.

When I finally exhaust all my resources, when I'm empty of every "me" solution, God's Spirit floods my dry reservoirs.  Rushing, replenishing waves of living water anxiously stream unhindered through me.

Sitting precariously
on the Potter's wheel
life is a blur
a smudged painting
a dizzy "busy"ness

Gentle hands bending
these frail walls
from within
The lightest touch
transforming them
His vessel
a holy residence 

The strongest clay
it doesn't yield
it must be soft
to bend, to feel
the hands that shape
this empty urn
To fill this void
God-water churns 

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meet millicent

Do you remember Albert the Birdie?  Well, he has a friend named Millicent the Cat.  So far, Millicent has never attempted to eat dear Albert and so they have formed an alliance.  They are our booboo buddies.  And lately they've been on sick duty.  The crummy cold has visited our house and we have all been crabby and congested.  When fevers rage, Millicent and Albert agree to chill in the freezer and curl up with hot little bodies.  When congestion refuses to go away, they are only too happy to be warmed up in the microwave and release their chamomile and lavender aroma.

I really would love to share the instructions on how to make these dear little creatures with you and I'm working on a pdf file for them.  I will let you know that the outside of Albert and Millicent are removable and washable  (pretty nice for a house pet, wouldn't you agree?), while the inside is a bag filled with flaxseed, chamomile and lavender florets.

Now I have to go clean up spilled milk and a whole box of scattered cheerios...


letter to my little one

Dear Baby Mine,

I feel your flutters, your kicks, your persistent reminders that you are anxious to meet your family.  Little hands press against my belly and little kisses assure you that you will be received with much love and anticipation.
Eight more weeks and I'll hold you; a masterpiece still wet from The Painter's handiwork.  Straight from the arms of Heaven into my own.

There's just something so miraculous about holding one who has been so close to Jesus.  I'll kiss you, smell the lingering scent of heaven, and trace the fingerprints of God on your soft skin.  Know this, my little one, that God, the One who forms you, is with you.  He takes great delight in you, he quiets you with his love, he rejoices over you with singing. {Zeph. 3: 17}

You are not an accident.  Never doubt that it's  for God's pleasure you exist and were created.  {Rev. 4: 11}  He loves you with an "everlasting love" {Jeremiah 31: 3}.  God dreamed your life into being.  The plans He has for you are full of wonder, limitless, brimming with hope and good measure {Psalm 139: 13-18, Jeremiah 29:11}.

You are His.  
We will treasure the brief time on this earth God has seen fit to loan you to us.

With a heart full of love and arms restless to hold you,

Your mommy



I just realized our little womb baby will be here in eight weeks.  Eight weeks!  I've got some serious nesting to do!  Of course, I always wait until the last minute to do it.  I think I'm getting pretty close to that last minute...!
This week Joel is out of town for work again (sigh).  I am thankful he has work, though.  And I'm very thankful that before he left he helped me get the room upstairs prepped and painted for the twins.  I LOVE the color.

I'm thinking of painting this chair white and re-upholstering it in a fun print...what do you think?  Should I leave it the way it is?  I have a tendency to get in over my head with my "projects".

I'm ordering this fantastic fabric to make curtains for the room...

I can't wait to see what the finished product will look like!

**Note on the side that is completely unrelated to this post:

Tomorrow is our first informational meeting for Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)!  I can't tell you how excited I am to see this ministry grow and for us moms to grow with it!  If you live in my area and are interested in getting involved and being strengthened and encouraged through the word of God and the friendship and mentorship of women seeking Him then please contact me!  We especially need women who are older moms that can be mentors and respond to the call of God in Titus 2--to teach and train us younger women!


God and I. dreaming.

 I confess.
I am a dreamer.

When I was 11, my dream was to become a singer.  I prayed and begged and prayed that God would give me an amazing voice overnight.  I would wake up and rush down to the piano, expecting concertos to roll off my fingertips and for a voice like molten gold to slip effortlessly from my lips.  In high school I tried out for the select choir.  I didn't make it and I was crushed.

My senior year of high school I aspired to become an actress.  I won an acting scholarship and I thought my dream may just come true.  After numerous interviews with the head of the department, I realized I would be required to compromise my morals if I was to be part of their program.  I walked away saddened but more resolute than ever in my convictions.

There is one dream I've always cherished, though, and lately God has been asking me to entrust it to Him (see this post).  I wish I could say I handed it over cheerfully.  The truth is that it has looked more like a tug-of-war than surrender.  I want to rush ahead and make things happen but at the same time I know only God can accomplish this dream.  It's hard.  This waiting on God to act, this need to be content even with dreams unfulfilled.

And at the back of my mind there is a fear.  
What if this dream is only my own and not God's at all?   It would be like dancing the waltz without the lead partner, like attempting to soar without wings.  No, I don't want to dream without him.  For at the end of my self-constructed rainbow there would be only fool's gold.

With fear clinging like saran wrap to my guarded box of dreams, I finally realize what God has been so patiently waiting for me to understand-- the only way to see them grow is to release them.  To let the winds of the Spirit sweep them into the hands that first brought them to me--to my Author of dreams, the Creator of dreamers.

I peel back the layers I've preserved my dreams in and as they soar towards heaven, words of love flutter down on my upturned face.

God doesn't want me to stop dreaming.  Only to dream bigger.  I hear His gentle whisper,
"Let's dream.  Together.  You and I.  We'll dream of unimaginable things.  And we'll be the dream.  I in you and you in me."

**I'm linking up with (in)courage today where we are sharing our God-sized dreams.


a new year and a winner

We welcomed this New Year with a fireworks show
 hosted by none other than our little Thad.
He loved every bang, boom, and whistle!
The twins had a blast stomping on snaps.

May every year hold such wonder and delight for them.
And for you as well.

The winner of the love letter in a bottle pendant...

**I used Tara Fey's Random Number Generator to select the winner.**


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