One Word

Who with one word can make the sun bow to the moon;
the day, the dawn, the afternoon?
Who with one word can make the earth revolve on a string, 
the clouds heavy with the dew of spring?
Who with one word can cloak bare dirt with daffodils and
scatter wild beasts across the hills?
Who with one word can raise the dead to life again 
and set free the captive hearts of men?
Who with one word can turn what's wrong-side up again--
what seems a loss into a win?
God can!  He will!  Your weary soul he sees.  
With one word from Him, remember this-- all darkness has to flee!

written with love to my brother in 2006.


re-purpose for a changing table

Having trouble finding that perfect changing table without sacrificing design and style?

I know I was.

And that brings on Bargain Tip #12:

Buy a used dresser at the height you want!  
I personally loved the lines on this vintage dresser, but the wood looked worn and old and definitely needed some cleaning up.  My handyman hubby removed all the hardware, sanded it down and applied a coat of primer.  Then he applied two coats of glossy white paint and fastened on new hardware to give it a more modern edge.

I painted a small painting to tie in the decor of the twin's nursery and to add height and interest.
The result was worth the extra elbow grease and didn't put a dent in the budget.


One day at a time

I'm still here, I promise!
And I've missed all my wonderful blogging friends.  I have so much catching up to do!  
Right now I'm just trying to take one day at a time.
Trust me when I say one day is enough to wipe me out!
I don't know why this pregnancy has been so difficult for me so far, all my other ones were fabulous.  Yes.  Fabulous. (why are you smiling? you don't believe me?)  They really were!
Of course a healthy dose of long term pregnancy memory loss never hurt anything, right?

I've been really blah lately.  I feel so lazy.  If I thought I was behind on housework before being pregnant, well, let's just say my house is out of sight now.
 It certainly doesn't help that my children are in that stage.  You know the one.  The pull-out-everything-from-every-drawer-in-the-entire-house stage.  Mmmmhmmm.  Here's what I've been doing every day:

Cleaning up after them!  And by the time I'm done picking up the 100th q-tip, I get to start all over again on cotton balls!  I know, I know, there is a smarter way to do this....but I seem to have forgotten which way that is.  

I've never needed God's grace more than I do now!  And thank God that He's never short on that supply!

So, I'm taking one day at a time.  One mess at a time.  One hug at a time.  One Great Big God's strength in the times I need it the most!


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