come on, baby

I've decided I've got to do something to help this process  (I know, I know, it'll all happen in God's timing!)  but this impatient momma thinks maybe God could use some assistance...(smile).

So, I've compiled a list of advice I've received from people on how to "get things movin'". 

Some Sane, Some Totally Wacky Ways to Induce Labor
  • Go for a LONG walk
  • Eat a pineapple
  • Take Black Cohosh (consult doctor first before taking this herb)
  • Steal food from your neighbor  (yes!  someone did actually tell me this would bring on my labor!!)
  • Eat a raw egg every morning  (pretty gross-- am I that desperate?  maybe.)
  • Drink a gallon of fresh red raspberry tea made from tea leaves
  • Get a pedicure or a foot massage
  • Eat a spicy enchilada
There are a few others I have tried, but won't add here because this is a family blog after all and may be too much information : )

Got one to share?  Let me know!


mommara said...

Add Eggplant parm to that list too. My italian family swears by it. I can't believe you are already ready! So exciting. :)

Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

Walking is always good. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea from the real leaves, concentrated (a very strong brew), everyday after week 36 is great. I did castor oil, but I was 6 centimeters, 90% effaced and baby had dropped 5 stations to station one AND I was going on almost 2 days of 'going nowhere' contractions. It worked!

Raw eggs sound gross. But I guess castor oil doesn't sound too enticing either :o)

Natalie said...

Pedicure worked for me on two out of three births. Sex :) And Indian food - like curry.

We can't wait to hear the story of Legend's birth!

- Natalie

PaisleyJade said...

All my babies were overdue and I was given similar advice.. apart from stealing from a neighbour!

Soaking in a raspberry tea bath was another... but none seemed to work for me!

Sara said...

Oh friend, It's been too long since I visited. Delighted with all the wonderful news and catching up on lost time. You always bring a smile to my face. And friend, I am learning to receive God's love as well.

I vote for the Italian food, my friend makes a spicy sauce that puts her in labor every time (7 different times) and it sounds much better than eggs.


Miranda said...

Probably the one you tried and aren't going to mention is the one that brought my first into this world. ;)
Well, like you say God has everything to do with it. Praying your little one will come soon. I know those last days and hours last forever!!
Hang in there and try to rest. Ha Ha {right?} That's sound like such a good idea, but is so not going to happen I'm sure. :)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

so glad you found my blog. i seriously love yours. like crazy. i'm definitely your newest follower. hope the baby comes soon! raw eggs? don't do it! your family is presh and i heart your heart. so glad we've met. : )

Jennifer said...

Aww... that picture is so cute! Sorry, I can't give you any advice or tips. I guess baby comes when baby says! :)

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

What a cute picture! Such an exciting time for you and your family. Praying your little one will arrive soon!! :)

Mich said...

plan something important, that you really, really want to do...he might just make an appearance! :)

Actually, I always heard the walking was good.

Renata said...

I was laughing at your list. I remember with my daughter I was eager to go into labour & 2 weeks later had to have a c-section as she didn't want to come (over here they don't induce people after an initial c-sec ). Yes the one you didn't write about was recommended by all the nurses to me. Also a aromatherapist recommended one type of oil (can't remember what kind) - but unfortunately she was out of stock!
Hope you go into labour soon & take care
Renata :)

a little bit vintage said...

LOL!! Well...walking, walking, walking didn't work for me. My daughter came on her own time and still does things on her own time. :) She's only two so I can't imagine how she will be at 13. LOL! Hope baby decides to come soon.


Kristin said...

Hahaha!!! That is too funny! I SO remember googling stuff online to see if there was any way possible to get Lily out sooner than she wanted to come. LOL! I was on a mission, because Madison was about to start 1st grade and I didn't want to be in the hospital on her first day. Well, I went past my due date, was induced. Got out of the hospital on Friday and Madison started school on Monday :D

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Um...yeah. Sex, girl. If you can stand the thought of it at this point that is...:)

Amy said...

Other then the one you didn't mention ;).... castor oil is supposed to get things movin' along :)

Jenilee said...

Oh, I walked and walked. Ate spicey foods and even tried what I'm sure you didn't list! None of it worked. They come in God's timing!!! :) praying for you and safe, healthy delivery of this precious baby! this pic in this post is adorable... as were the vacuum pics. :)

Erica said...

someone told me the raspberry tea one w/ my first, and i went and bought the mix to make it and went into labor before i had a chance to make it! ha! i always said if i knew i just had to BUY it and not MAKE it i would have done that weeks ago! praying blessings & a quick & easy delivery for you :)

Lisa said...

Acupuncture. I am SO NOT a fan of needles but was DESPERATE to have my babe! It ended up being really relaxing and actually started some contractions for me. I also felt less whale-ish afterward for some reason.

debi9kids said...

I did the black cohosh my first pregnancy and HOLY! The contractions were HORRIBLE!

With my twins, i ate eggplant parm. and went into labor.
Check out this site. It swears by their recipe:

chelsea rebecca said...

this picture might be the cutest thing ever!! and i adore your blog!!
what funny little tips! i'll keep you and your soon new addition to the fam in my prayers!!

Jasmine Nicole said...

This made me giggle.....maybe you shoud drink that raspberry tea...it sounds yummy!

Kate said...

Nothing worked for me! Hope baby comes soon!

Darcie said...

Can't say I have any off the top of my head, but I have heard that foot massages really do help and I am sure it will feel really good at this point. Good luck my dear!

Megan said...

I feel your pain and impatience! I can't wait for our little one to come...any day would be good, I'm so ready! I was told to drink a glass of red wine, I did this with my first and went into labor the next morning. Haven't tried anything this time around though. Good luck!


Linda said...

Bless your heart...Oh I so remember those feelings of wanting that baby to finally arrive!

I will be praying for you sweetie.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Sara said...

Thanks friend. I like it long too. I just might go and get some layers and long bangs ..

Thanks for the smile,

christy rose said...

The only thing that ever worked for me was going to the hospital and being induced. LOL My first baby was the only one that came on his own. Once I realized that I could just go and let the doctor start my labor so I could hold my baby in my arms instead of inside of my body, I went that route every time just before my due date. I always wished that I would just go into labor myself again but I was not willing to be so huge and uncomfortable any longer than was necessary and I was never lucky enough to be one of those girls who go into labor at 38 weeks. :) It was fun trying to think of things to try though. The most fun one was probably the one that you don't want to mention here on this family blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

Joye, the one that worked for me with Sybilla (she was 2 weeks overdue) was using Evening Primrose Oil capsules as v. suppositories before bed, and I also did it in the morning too. I would wear a pad cause it is a little...messy, but it brought on labor...plus tramping through two foot high snow in my husbands boots and walking up the stairs three at a time. Just don't tire yourself out too much! Oh and definitely stay hydrated, half your body weight in oz for water intake!

Deidra said...

I think the one you didn't want to mention is the one that worked for me. Both times. ;)

LaLa said...

haha. love your last comment ;) and that was going to be my suggestion lol Awe I love you tummy! I loved being preggy but I know when your ready you are just like "GET IT OUT" lol good luck! <3

ps. I hope you plan on joining in on my 'love your body' month! <3

Darlene said...

heehee. only the obvious one that you neglected to mention. =)

Wendy said...

I've got no other tricks for you ~ darn it! But can't wait to virtually meet your new little bundle ☺ !

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Awww! Love that pic, and your beauitful sense of humor.

Lovely Little Nest said...

haha too funny! I wonder if the "spicy food" suggestion really works? It probably gives the baby indigestion, so he's like "get me the heck outta here!" lol

Lauren said...

take a bumpy car ride! I was going to say the unmentionable too ; ) But sounds like you've got that covered! haha I have heard it's the most effective, though! Can't wait for him to get here - come on Legend!!! We want to meet you!!!!

Abbey said...

Dont take any tips from me! He is liable to stay longer! Although the postman once told me I needed I do jumping jacks! Begging and pleading doesnt work either!

Kelly said...

A pineapple core, long walk, and red raspberry tea worked for me...although I took long walks and drank red raspberry tea throughout my entire pregnancy. I ate the pineapple core for breakfast and had my baby at 8:24pm the same day! I was 4 days overdue though.

Praying for you!!

amy (metz) walker said...

I don't have any suggestions but I do LOVE that picture!!!

Holly said...

If you have a breast pump you could use that. Might release some oxytocin into your system maybe?

Brooke said...

Praying for a quick (relatively), timely and calm birth!! I hope the labor comes soon!!

I nominated you for a blog award...I"m sure you won't see it anytime soon, but check out my blog for details.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Just found your blog and look forward to reading more.

I'm a mama of twins ... who are 21 now.

I had my first 5 babies in 4 years. (Twins were #4 & 5.)

My passion is to encourage and support young mamas who aren't afraid to step out and have more than the 2 little ones that the world says you should have. While I have 6 young adult children, my life is still busy homeschooling the younger 6. (Two youngest are just 8, so I've got a lot of mommy years left.)

I've tried the long walks. When pregnant with the twins, my 2 year old would sit on my "shelf" as we walked the mall. Didn't work.

I've tried the spicy enchiladas. Didn't work.

I've tried driving on Bumpy Roads. Didn't work.

I've tried the raspberry tea. Didn't work.

What worked for me? Not much. I had to have 7 of my 10 babies induced. Good old pitocin is all that works for me.

Hope they come soon!

Laurel :)


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