anise seed tea

I'm a bit lost in the land of newborn tummy troubles.

Yet I vaguely remember having been here before.

Three times before.

Seriously, you'd think I'd have at least one baby without this issue.

I feel kind of alone.

I call friends with newborns and they report that their babies "hardly ever cry", that they're "easy", and "sleeping through the night" already.

I'm happy for them.  Really.

And I know that we'll find our way through this.  We'll just take one day at a time, for however many days it takes until this little tummy heals.

And it will heal.

And we will sleep more and fuss less.


What is so miraculous is the fact that somehow, in those brief moments of calm, when there is a short respite from the tummy tremors, my baby smiles at me.  

Big, dimpled, beautiful smiles.

I'm in love.

And I'd do anything to soothe away these troubles.

I've even cut all dairy out of my diet.  I avoid broccoli, onions, red sauce, garlic, carbonated drinks and caffeine.  I'm living on turkey sandwiches, folks.  I'm even considering ordering noni juice in case it's acid reflux we're battling.   

My dear friend Donna and her sister in law Rehna show up on my doorstep early in the morning with anise seed.  They brew me some anise seed tea and instruct me to drink it religiously.  It soothes tummies, they tell me.  Later, another beautiful friend from church drops in.  She brings fruit from the produce stand and a wealth of homeopathic wisdom.  I feel so much less alone and more thankful than ever for these amazing women-- these mothers.  They leave me feeling less alone in this journey of motherhood and even more determined than ever to find a natural way to treat this malady.

Anise Seed Tea for a Happy Tummy:

1 tablespoon anise seeds
2 cups boiling water
Steep for 3-4 minutes
add a few drops of honey


Kristin said...

I am so glad that the Lord is sending such wonderful ladies to help you through this. I hope little Legend's tummy will be feeling better soon! I will be praying for you!

Lara said...

Poor baby, I hope he feels better soon. I struggled so much the first 8 weeks or so with my kids. The post-partum period is so difficult. Hang in there!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

so glad you have such dear souls to help take care of you and your precious babe! post partum is right around the corner for me... i'm so thrilled to meet my baby girl but i'm also nervous because the newborn stage is so fresh in my mind and just plain tiring. totally worth it though, you are right! - those smiles make everything better. here's to hoping that more sleep and tummy pains eased are right around the corner for you!

mommara said...

What great friends. That is just wonderful. Praying for calmer tummy's and more smiles and sleep-filled nights.

Jenn B said...

Isn't crazy how fast we forget and yet remember at the same time? Those moms who have babies who sleep now will have the babies who will not sleep well in 3 months. Mine did that. Glad you have friends to comfort you!

Miss Anne said...

Praying for you, little baby Legend, and for his tummy and your menu.

This too shall pass.


Lindy said...

Having those same problems with baby's tummy right now. i hope your little one starts to feel better.

PaisleyJade said...

What good friends. I do wish I had had some help like that with mine - my first and 4th were the worst and it can feel oh so lonely!

Lisa said...

Ahh, I know that feeling all too well! Ava didn't get over her tummy troubles 'til about 12 weeks. You might want to try fennel tea also. I saw some improvement when I drank it. And, have you heard of Colic Calm? I have a sister-in-law and close friend that swear by it. You can check it out here: http://www.coliccalm.com/

Praying that you both find relief soon!

Michela said...

Turkey sandwiches are good, but not every day! I hope too that the tea helps, and that Baby's tummy heals extra quick!

Carmen said...

I'm sorry you are still having tummy troubles. That's no fun at all. And I was never one of those moms either who had an "easy baby" so I feel for you. I hope the tea helps.

Lauren said...

what precious friends!!! Thank you for sharing the recipe, too! I don't have a baby w/ tummy troubles ... I've got them myself! (IBS and reflux) it's yucky and I hate taking medicine. I'm always on the lookout for natural remedies, so I am going to make this tea and give it a try! It sounds super yummy too!! :)

September said...

I am sure you are up to your "eyeballs," with advice.. but here is one more to add to your "list..."
...have you tried Chamomile tea for yourself, and also...
eliminating any dairy or chocolate might help.
I know your diet is already down to the "bare bones," but a lot of moms that have colic babies eliminate dairy and it is like night and day.

Do you use homeopathy? If so, I have some remedy suggestions that I can pass along.. will wait for an affirmative though.
Blessings Joye!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joye!

Thanks so much for visiting & commenting on my site with the UBP! I can totally relate with the baby tummy troubles. Both of my kids had lots of gas issues & I tried all the tricks - going off dairy, caffeine, avoiding other foods known to cause gas, gripe water, leg-pumping, etc. etc. My baby girl is now almost 6 months and those issues finally seem done with. Yay! :) I'm going to go check out your other blog now...


Anonymous said...

first time commenter...many times have visited
just have to let you know that I feel for you and your little man...I pray this passes soon, for you both

love love love the women that come to bring you light and love...warmed my heart...
Isn't that what it is all about????

Kate said...

Good to know since Molly had tummy troubles, maybe my next one will too, since you have now had 4 with this issue! Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joye,
I'm back again from your other blog, since I couldn't leave a comment there, just to say that it's beautiful & I love reading your conversations with Jesus! I would feel blessed to eavesdrop again, should you choose to keep writing there. :)

Deb said...

thank you for sharing your creative spirit...the image of the Invisible is all over you and your sweet fam. praying for tiny man's tum and your sanity. cyber hugs to you, my sister.

a little bit vintage said...

Hugs to you! :) I hope the tea works for your little one. I shall be there in a short while...only 4 wks left to go! You're in my prayers. ;)


Mich said...

Hang in there. I can remember those moments too well. I look at my kids now, 11 and 13, I wish I could have a few of those snuggly, even when they are fuusy, moments back. They grow too fast.

Did the tea work?

Becca said...

I'm glad you have friends to encourage you through it. Because Jayci cried a lot. And it was lonely and hard. But MAN does that phase end faster than you ever think it will . . .

Jasmine said...

I'm praying for you and your sweet baby. It's going to be alright. It's always hard the first two months.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, Far Above Rubies.

I'm now a follower.


Holly said...

Sorry for the tummy woes! I hope that tea will help!

Lei said...

Aw, poor baby and poor mama! Good to have wise, kind friends. :)

Anonymous said...

I hear you. I have had ONE. Yes ONE happy, easy, content baby out of SEVEN (including our adopted baby who cried until four months old). I am so sorry. I so get it.

Anonymous said...

I am doing research for my college paper, thanks for your brilliant points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

- Laura


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