t h i n g s    i    d o n ' t    w a n t    t o    f o r g e t

that last Sunday before Christmas
when the sky was washed from a winter rain
and the air was sharp and clean
we picked our way around the puddles
till we stood under that old oak tree
the one that's shaded all my babies
and filtered sunlight across a thousand frames

the camera is set to timer and I adjust her legs
my practice shot reveals bare toes in december,
mittens, and biker gloves
it's not perfect
and i'm always a little surprised to find
i like it that way

i don't want to forget
the way it feels to have you home on a weekend
after so many alone
the gratefulness for who we are 
when we're together

these moments with the ones we get to love


Leigh Ann Fisher said...

These are such cute photos!!

Southern Gal said...

This is a good memory to store away. Beautiful family, Joye.

joye said...

How crazy is it to stumble across a new blog and realize you share the same (might I add, awesome) name with the author?! Happy New Year, from one Joye to another!

vintage grey said...

Darling and sweet photos! xo Heather

BARBIE said...

Your family is beautiful!


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