re-purpose for a changing table

Having trouble finding that perfect changing table without sacrificing design and style?

I know I was.

And that brings on Bargain Tip #12:

Buy a used dresser at the height you want!  
I personally loved the lines on this vintage dresser, but the wood looked worn and old and definitely needed some cleaning up.  My handyman hubby removed all the hardware, sanded it down and applied a coat of primer.  Then he applied two coats of glossy white paint and fastened on new hardware to give it a more modern edge.

I painted a small painting to tie in the decor of the twin's nursery and to add height and interest.
The result was worth the extra elbow grease and didn't put a dent in the budget.


Natalieh said...

Wonderful! :)

Kate said...

So cute! Love it! My Husband built our changing table to match our hand me down crib. Now they look like a set, and the table fits him so much better, because he made it to fit his height! Great ideas!

He & Me + 3 said...

Very cute! I love it.

Lauren said...

that is absolutely brilliant!! I LOVE IT!! :)


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