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Thank you to all the lovely ladies who shared their visions of Christmas and love for Jesus with us yesterday!  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading every one of them!  You can view their links in the post below.  I'm looking forward to sharing next Tuesday with each other on the Sounds of Christmas!  You've all inspired me so much.

Can I just share with you what my day was like? 
It was miserably wet and dreary and we were trapped indoors.  Like caged animals, my kids roamed around the house bent on destruction.  Every room in my home looks like a tornado hit it--three little tornadoes to be exact!  I tried desperately to entertain them--resorted even to puppet shows and silly antics, read over a dozen books, baked cookies, stood on my head--well, maybe not that last part (I've heard pregnant women topple easily).  All to no avail.  In the two short minutes it would take to whisk one away to change a diaper, my little zoo animals would wreak havoc.  Every single shelf in my closet is now empty and the floor is piled knee high in clothes.  The twins dresser drawers were ransacked and clothing was scattered from the cribs to the closet.  Nosy little fingers found a bag of crackers and deposited them on sixteen stairs and into the top level family room.

And I am writing this blog instead of cleaning it all up.
I'm even considering going straight to bed...

In the midst of the chaos, though, I couldn't help but be moved by all of the posts about seeing Jesus in everything and letting the light of His face fill our hearts.  This was the test.  Of course I had to discipline and correct, but could I do it without losing my peace and could I let the light of Jesus shine through me even still?  Well, I can't say I passed with flying colors, but I do know that God gave me grace today and instead of frantically cleaning up after them and pulling the hairs out of my head, I held my little ones close and determined to fill their love-o-meters up to the top.

And the greatest gift today?
I overheard Thaddeus pointing baby Jesus out to his little brother and telling him in that big brother voice, 
"This is Jesus.  He will always help you.  And He teaches us to be nice."


He & Me + 3 said...

Beautiful...that is exactly what Mommies should do...fill up their love-o-meters.

Kate said...

So sorry about the crazy mess!! You are an encouragement to all of us Moms! Hope today is better for you!

Stephanie said...

I am only beginning to understand the destructive nature of kids...it certainly does test our faith. I have to remind myself each morning to ask Him to lead the way. I can hardly wait to hear my children talk about Jesus too - that is one of the sweet rewards of motherhood!

Darlene said...

Oh, Thaddeus! That is so undescribably precious. It makes the tornado mess all worth it, and MORE!!

ServinGsus said...

That's so precious ... it shows what a beautiful woman of God that Thaddeus' mommy is and how blessed your hubby and kids are to have you!

Holly said...

They can sure get into a lot quickly! I'm glad you felt God's grace instead of pulling out a few hairs. I wish we could all be like that every day!


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