a dresser, diapers, and dining chair trains

I love my husband.  We're perfect for each other.  He knows I love vintage furniture, especially art deco.  So when he saw this baby at a yard sale on the side of the road he snatched it up for me and hauled it home.  I was giddy with delight.  I'd been wanting something like this to store our art supplies and other nick nacks, but I didn't want to spend any money on it.  I'm so glad I waited.  This was worth the wait.  The picture above looks a little too serene.  Our house tends to look more like this:

Diapers on heads and dining chair trains.  
I took this picture a couple weeks ago when everyone was sick and bored and stuck indoors.  Now we're all sick again and stuck indoors.  Is there anything worse than summer colds?  It's been miserable.  I was trying to treat us all with natural remedies, but Legend now has an earache and he's on an antibiotic.  I have a real aversion to prescription antibiotics and I don't like to give them to my kids unless it's completely necessary.  I'm not sure if I did the right thing putting Legend on an antibiotic so early.  His fever wasn't too high, only around 100.  I'm just praying that God heals him and restores his immune system.  Thaddeus had to have his tonsils removed at two years old and I strongly believe the overwhelming number of antibiotics that he was on were responsible for the increased number of throat and ear infections he had as a baby.  They're just so hard on the immune system.  And that's my rant for the day on prescription medications.  Promise.

Now that I've been sort of attempting to potty train,  I'm realizing two little ones tinkling everywhere can be a little overwhelming.  Astair is all about sitting on the potty, she's been going several times all by herself already, I can tell she's going to be easy.  Boston, on the other hand, is a typical boy and just doesn't get why there's so much fuss over a shiny white bowl when his comfy diaper works just fine.   I'll admit that I'm holding Astair back a little bit because I'm scared.  I really don't know if I can handle cleaning up all the "uh-ohs" right now.  But maybe she could do learn in a day?  Thaddeus took FOREVER to potty train so I'm very, very uncertain about it this time.  I don't want to push it before she's really ready, but I don't want to miss it either!  Today she used the potty almost all day.  I guess I better go buy some big girl undies : )  

P.S.  If you read this far:  #1 you are awesome  #2  I'm sorry for the total random mommy rants  
P.P.S. We celebrated Thad's B-day last Saturday and I'll post pictures soon!


alihsee said...

My friend's 7 yr old was put on antibiotics for something and now she has a wheat intolerance! I think there is something to your theory!

So cute with the diapers :)


Lara said...

I'm all about the random mommy rants. One summer my hubs got Pneumonia and I got a horrible sinus infection. Summer sickness is the worst! Potty training is the second worst.

Lindy said...

I wish there was potty training boot camp. Bunch of moms with a bunch of toddlers just getting the job done! At least it would be "more" fun! Good luck.

Love the dresser. Way to go hubby!

PaisleyJade said...

My kids were all so different - the boys took ages to train, and my first daughter was great but then went backwards with medical issues! With number 4 I waited longer than normal (and was socially acceptable) - but it's been way easier!!

Love your dresser and chairs!!

Kristin said...

Good luck with potty training! Mine were all so different and the only advice I learned from it is to not stress out about it......they will definitely learn when they're ready and as long as it's before they go to Kindergarten, it's a success. Haha! I hope you're all feeling better soon. I had my summer cold a couple of weeks ago and that was no fun at all. I'm in agreement with you about not doing meds if at all possible, but sometimes you just have to. I love your new furniture!!! What a great find!

Miss Anne said...

adorable pics
adorable family
sweetest hubby :)

Dani Joy said...

they say that girls learn faster than boys. I had a hard time potty training my boys too. hope it goes smoother for you.

Dani Joy

Mikalah said...

I love that cabinet! And yes, being sick in the Summer is not fun. Especially when there's more than one that is sick! I hope Legend feels better soon. =)

Carrie said...

I love the dresser! It's perfect! I love finding gems like that too! He did a great job :)

I love the pictures...I hope you all start to feel better. Potty training was hard with Alex too...but Emily was so much easier...except when she would go #2 on the floor...sigh...Alex did not do that! It's funny how they can be so different! Good luck...it will surely come...it alwasy does, right? Just not always under our own timing ;) Take care!

4 Blessings said...

Love the pictures. The only advice I have is just to let it happen when they are ready. I stressed out trying to get Taylor PT by a certain age and then one day she just said, "I gotta go! I will do it!" Then we never had another accident. So, I waited until Cade told me he was ready.

Lauren said...

I love it! What a wonderful husband you have!! I absolutely adore that piece! We must have super similar decorating taste because that would go wonderfully in my house... we're all about the vintage stuff too!!

I'm with you about the prescriptions! I hate to take meds and all the antibiotics I took as a child really messed up my stomach and gave me serious digestive issues as an adult... now I take PRObiotics and use herbal remedies... MAJOR difference!

Good luck with the potty training! It does sound like Astaire is ready -- but I can totally see why you'd be hesitant... especially when Boston has no interest... I'll be praying for you!!!!!!

a little bit vintage said...

Love the dresser friend...hubs did a fab job! :)

You are totally allowed to rant...sometimes us mommies just need to. ;)

As soon as I put Emma in big girl undies it was like she thought, "Oh, I get it." She's been doing awesome so far. This is week #3 for us and even though I have to "remind" her to go at times, she's only had a a handful of accidents. Good luck! ;)


Holly said...

I'm the same way about presciption meds. The less the better IMO! I think Kyndra has only had an antibiotic once and that was a last resort thing. Whenever I get sick I avoid them. It's been a looong time since I've taken anything.

Good luck with the PLing. We are in the process with Kyndra.

Big Yellow Dog said...

You are one lucky girl to snag such a great dresser! I LOVE it! And I recognize those polka dot up and up diapers...the same ones cover my two year old son's booty!

Sarah Ann said...

I love that dresser - and I'm sure your kiddos will do wonderfully... Way to go, Astair! And I'm sure Boston will come along shortly :)

Darlene said...

Score on the cool dresser.
Um. LOVE the diaper on head pic. Maybe we will make a chair-train today???

Abbey said...

Your kids are funny! The dresser looks great and hope everyone feels better soon!

Lisa Grace said...

Sounds like life has been very busy and exciting and challenging and full of blessings! Enjoy the glimpses into your life and your pics.


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