superstar kidz club

Superstar Kidz Club

Where do you think you would find five teens every Saturday morning for months in a row?
Not sleeping in!  They're out on the streets by 9 am taking the love of Jesus to the poorest neighborhoods in our town.  That takes commitment.  That takes passion.  That takes radical hearts!  I am amazed by this generation.  As my husband likes to say, "this is the generation that will!"  And it is.

We don't have to travel thousands of miles to find our mission field.  It's right here.  In our backyards.  In lines at the food pantry, under the interstate, in fatherless homes and neglected playgrounds.  And if we really believe in a love that's bigger than this world, then we'll find them.  We'll find hungry hearts and fill them with Jesus.  If we really believe in eternity, then what is temporary won't matter quite as much anymore.  

I asked God to break my heart for what breaks His.  And I'm overwhelmed with heartache.  I cry every time I visit Superstar Kidz Club and get to pray with a little lonely boy or girl as tears run down their cheeks.  "God, they need love!  What can I give them?"  Those thoughts tumbled through my mind, arms wrapped over a little boy's shoulder as he cried over the loss of his best friend.  You can give them my Son.  I'll never leave them or forsake them.  God's love is the greatest gift.  We prayed and I told him that Jesus will be his best friend.  Closer than a brother.

Because he's been that for me.

I've lost best friends.  I've been that lonely little kid who cried themselves to sleep.  Something beautiful happened to me, though.  Jesus really and truly became my best friend.  He was always the first one I shared my secrets with.  The one I ran to with my hurts and my fears and my insecurities.  He held my hand and never let go.  He showered me with his love, filled my heart with joy.

I want that for everyone.


Kristin said...

Beautiful, Joye!! There is no greater gift than for someone to be shown God's love!! My heart is filled with joy in hearing about how God is using you to show others His love. Truly a priceless gift!!

Kayla said...

That's wonderful! I always feel the biggest rush of the warmth of God's love when I see people out there spreading the good news. It brings tears to my eyes. I wish that everyone would experience the love of God. It's amazing.

You're doing a great thing by praying with the little boys and girls. Moments like that stick with someone their entire life.

PaisleyJade said...

Sooo good Joye! Such a good prayer to pray (break my heart for what breaks yours) and often we see the needs around us and that we indeed are the answer!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

oh wow joye! this is so powerful. so very powerful. i'm going back for a second read.

Anonymous said...
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Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

The way God is breaking your heart for those in need...so touches and blesses...and breaks my own heart! Thank you....it's beautiful to watch, my friend.

Much love to you...

Southern Gal said...

Oh, this reminds me so much of my friend, Joy, who recently went home to be with the Lord while serving her Lord in Malaysia. This was her attitude. Tell everyone! Even someone in WalMart while waiting in the check out line. I love your heart, Joye.

Lauren said...

Joye this is such a wonderful and amazing post! I love the way Jesus works through others... especially when I see it in the teens. It's so beautiful! The pictures say a thousand words too... so much glory to God in this! :)

Kate said...

How awesome! And what a Godly example you all are setting for your kids, and all the kids that know you!!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i just wanted you to know that i linked to this in my post today. i just want to help spread your beautiful words. have a happy day!!

a little bit vintage said...

What a truly lovely post, friend! :) God is using you...even in the smallest ways.

Our church does a basketball outreach on the reservation every Monday night. Hearts are slowly changing, but they ARE changing. Blessings to you my friend!


September said...

Joye!!! You have a friend right here! I am in awe at this new season in your life... ALL for Jesus!!!

I have "missed" you,, but know your time, and efforts are in those you love and those that HE loves!!
Keep pressing on my friend..
Stop by when you can.. I had a secret to share in my Journey.
Love to you..
P.S> Who said your little Legend could grow so fast and sweet??!!
Kisses to his sweet cheeks!

Fiona said...

Yep. Jesus with skin on. Love it!

Theresa Miller said...

You have an amazing heart. You have great courage.

Anonymous said...

Wow - SO cool

Brooke said...

I love the superstar kidz club. How fun. And PS...I got a new computer and I didn't have you bookmarked anymore so I hadn't come to visit. And we've been dealing with some crazy life events. But I was thinking about your cutie blog and I googled you and found you. So just wanted you to know that you as a virtual stranger....are that vivid to me that I felt like I should google you to see how things were with your cutie pie family. Just thought I should say it :)

Becca said...

This is JUST like metro kidz - I love it! :-) loved this post my friend!

Sara said...

You grabbed my heart and captured it with words.

for all the kidz,

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...



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