random and wonderful

...from the weekends before last

random wonderful #1:  polka dots and purple boots

random wonderful #2:  the little man pose

random wonderful #3:  vintage dress and free thrifted boots

random wonderful #4:  spontaneous jam session with my man and our friends Chris and Erin

random wonderful #5:  getting to see one of my best friends and roommate from college!  Erin flew in from my home state of Nebraska and spent almost a week visiting.  It just felt really good to be around a close friend that has known me for years.  There's nothing like that feeling--the comfort of being exactly as you are and knowing that you will always be accepted.  I was exhausted from motherhood, but Erin was such a breath of fresh air.  Joel and I got to meet her boyfriend Chris, too, and we enjoyed our time with them.  Ummm, I'm not sure if I can say the same for them! They certainly got to see our crazy life up close and personal--they couldn't sit down without our kids piling on top of them and attacking them with random toys!

 It really was wonderful.  It was one of those weekends when you don't plan anything, you just enjoy the day as the moments define it.  Those are always the best.


Mahina said...

LOVE the dress and boots...cute! :)

Cynthia said...

I love your daughter's style as well as yours! Haylie has a wonderful sense of style...it's so adorable the things she puts together...daddy made her change last night for church though. She was mismatched but very cute! Glad you got to have a wonderful time! I bet your best friend had an awesome time too! :)

Caitlin Ostberg said...

I believe that Erin told me she had an amazing time! The pictures she had of your kids were adorable!

Coby said...

Love love LOVE the dress and boots!

I love those wonderful times that are spontaneously joyful and refreshing!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE those kind of weekends too. That's how I feel when I visit my family - so comfortable and at home no matter what. Thanks for sharing all the cute pictures too!

Erin Ostberg said...

It was so wonderful getting toys piled on me!!! :) I love you so much Joye!!! :)

danielle @ take heart said...

these are all very wonderful!
happy monday!

katy said...

wow... beautiful pictures! i love your little girl's dress - the one with the polka-dots. super cute. :)

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

Love the photos. :) I just found your blog and feel all nice and cozy as I click around here.
Nice to "meet" you, Joye!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

your little miss is so pretty!!! i adore your outfit and what fun to get free boots! truly, simply, wonderful moments, indeed.


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