Happy Birthday my two three year olds

Those sunshiney smiles!

The Outtake
(before mommy bribed us with chocolate candy)

Oh the love!
(of candy...and each other of course)

My dearest little womb buddies,

You have brought inexplicable JOY to my life!  And not in average doses.  Double!  Double the love, double the fun!  I'm amazed by the treasures you are.  I'm amazed by our journey this far.

You couldn't be any more different.  Maybe that's what keeps me on my toes and praying for wisdom!  Astair, you are so strong and gentle.  Quiet and happy.  You're independent but yet you still love to please.  You know your own mind but leave us all guessing.  You are incredible.  Your sweet curls bouncing as you skip through fields picking flowers.  You have a bouyant spirit that fills our hearts with grace and our home with all things princess and pink (your choice of course).

Boston boy, your personality is vibrant and your love even more so.  You are so expressive and in touch with your feelings!  At three years old, you are already on your way to becoming a social expert.  You never meet a stranger.  Your love for people is limitless.  Strong and affectionate, you are intense in every emotion you feel.  You tell us all you love us a hundred times a day and we feel it to the tips of our toes.

I'm so thankful for EVERY DAY the Lord has blessed me with you two!   I'm surprised by the grace of it all.  God has placed such a limitless amount of extraordinary grace on your lives.  I still look back in awe.  Awed by the experience of being so full.  Holding, nursing, loving, cradling two of you.  

I love being
Your mommy

6 weeks old

10 months old

A year and a half old

Two years old

So much more to come...


Mindy Harris said...

what beautiful babies. that newborn photo makes my heart melt and get teary and i've never met you. i love their names.
boston sounds alot like wilder.
aren't we blessed?
it's intense!

April said...

They are too cute! They look so much like the photos of you & your husband : ) I love your description of their personalities-- only three years old but already amazing people!

Shauna at The Reed Life said...

those little sweeties!
you are a blessed mother.
and your love for your children glows out of you friend!
praise the lord!
so glad they were born.

Southern Gal said...

Oh such sweetness. Happy Birthday to Boston and Astair!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday sweet children! They are beautiful!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday to your cute twins!! So sweet! LOVE all of those pictures!! You are truly blessed Miss Joye!

annie said...

happy birthday to two adorable little ones!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Happy birthday to your precious babies, Joye! I love the words you wrote, and the pictures over the past three years. Celebrate this day, and the many, many more to come. :) :)

kelli said...

they are so precious! what fun they must be=) happy birthday sweet children.

Mamasita said...

Happy Birthday to the sweet little pumpkins - Enjoy your special day!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday to them!! They are so sweet! I can't believe how much they've grown since I've been reading your blog! :)

arielle said...

a very happy birthday to your two adorable twins! :)

blessings to you & yours..

BARBIE said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful babes!

Neil said...

A very happy birthday to your adorable twins. That was so sweet and touching.

jacksta said...

Beautifully written and beautiful kids.

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Beautiful children! You are so blessed :)


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