help! i'm buried alive under thousands of photographs!

Oh, but I really hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July.
Mine was.
And I had planned to tell you Monday night.
But then I got sidetracked by the other forty fifty posts I had planned to write
between then and now.
All of them overflowing with photographs I spent hours sorting online, offline, and even between the lines.

And after my eyes went bloodshot for the hundredth time from squinting at little picture grids, I came to the conclusion that I am a very erratic blogger

There.  I said it.

Is there any cure?


Mama Duck said...

I love all of your photographs!!! they make me smile :)

Verna said...

Photographs help us remember things. I love them. We can never have enough. Keep on sharing them with us!

katy said...

happy, happy fourth! and goodness! it takes a lot of courage to say something like that. ::stands in utter awe:: o.0 i think i took a hint of that myself in my case after getting a new camera. :} what can i say? it's fun. :D

oh, and happy anniversary! :)

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

the cure would be to stop blogging, but that's no fun!


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