joel leaves for haiti and my heart is already there

Dearest Jesus,

I am in awe of the way you work, the way you choose to use us:  your church, your body here on this earth.   Your heart cares for the orphans, for the poor, for the defenseless.  And you hold out your arms day in and day out pleading with us to share your heart's burdens.  Pleading with us to love as you love, to be compassionate instead of merely concerned.

I love the story of how you brought our church to Haiti.  A painting of Haiti delivered with a prophecy that we would one day have a church there...and it hung for years in our pastor's office.  Almost forgotten.  But not quite.  Dreams, visions, and finally a visit to Haiti confirm your call.  Within months, land in Haiti is purchased, our faith is stretched, and miraculous connections are made.  It's almost as if you are reminding us this is your plan.  Your vision.  Your heart.  Your divine assignment.

Plans are underway to build a church, an orphanage, and a school.  And in the meantime, our Haitian pastors took in our first orphan boy, Kensone.  I can't explain my love for this little boy.  It can only come from your heart, Jesus.  I feel like part of my heart is in Haiti now and always will be.

Joel is leaving tomorrow and taking a team from our church to minister to the people in Jeremie, Haiti.
You know how badly I wanted to go with them, but I know there will be time for that in the years to come as my children grow older.  I can't explain my draw to Haiti but I think you also know I would take my whole family there the minute you asked me to go, no matter when and now matter how long.  Go before this team, Jesus, and prepare the hearts of these people you love so dearly to receive your salvation.  Keep them safe, Lord, and may signs and miracles accompany them.

And break our hearts, Jesus.
Won't you please break our hearts for what breaks yours.


Lindy said...

My friend, Ben, died in the earthquake in Haiti last year. There is a large spot in my heart for the people that our Ben loved and ministered too. May they all know the love of our Savior.

PaisleyJade said...

Beautiful - and such a priviledge that we can be His hands and feet. Love that last line... was just singing it yesterday.

Lauren said...

praying with you friend.... I know that ache and longing in your heart. Each time I see pictures from Ethiopia my heart begs God to call us back there... I honestly believe I left some of it there in that land, with those children and those people.

Sammy said...

Love that your heart is broken for the orphans. I pray that He continually breaks mine for them. My heart aches for the Ugandan orphans, children of war. I pray for resource, for an outpouring of resource. My heart sees so much for them.
Thank you for this reminder, when this path of providing resource is really tough, reminders of WHY I sacrifice are so amazing and encouraging.
Thank you and will be praying for Joel

Ashley D. said...

I have a good friend, LeeAllie who lives in Haiti. She has devoted her life to helping the orphans and has made her life a campaign to bring clean water to the children in Haiti. She is truly an inspiration to me. It's amazing how God works, and I know He will use your ministry for great things down there! Praying!

annie said...

what a beautiful, heartfelt prayer. thank you.

Lisa Marie said...

Beautiful. Amazing. I felt my heart agreeing with every word. I long to find/belong to a church community that truly lets Jesus lead them like this. Prayers for all those traveling.

Sending you lots of love, your blog/words always inspire me, put a smile on my face and a tear in my eye. I love it! Thank you.

Mich said...


Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

beautiful, my friend. praying with you...


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