a very Dicharry Christmas

I hope you and your families had a beautiful Christmas full of the Light and Love of Jesus.  Our Christmas was full of love, family, plenty of sugar cookies and Story's sweet smiles, all reminding us of what a blessing our God has given us in each other.

It's special for me to watch our family traditions evolve.
There are memories I'll always treasure of Christmases I had as a little girl, trudging through the canyons to find the perfect "charlie brown" Christmas tree, playing spades around the dinner table with family that came to visit, listening to my grandfather as he read the Christmas story from his worn leather Bible.  And now it's our turn as parents to make memories for our children to cherish.  It's my belief that it's the simple things, the times spent enjoying one another, reflecting on God's great love, and sharing that love with others that make the holidays so special.

Last year we started using an advent calendar, with an activity each day of December leading up to Christmas as a way of preparing our hearts for the coming of Jesus, of anticipating that first birth and expecting His second return.  This year I wasn't as diligent with the calendar activities, but my kids enjoy it so much I know I'll be doing it again next year.  We did read The Jesus Storybook Bible the week leading up to Christmas with selected readings each day, and on Christmas morning the kids all snuggled up to their daddy on the sofa while he read about the coming of Jesus--God's great rescue plan  (the Jesus Storybook Bible is our absolute favorite).  We had family game nights, lots of Christmas cookie cutting, strolls through the Christmas lights, a visit to the tree farm with Mimi and Papa D., gave away stockings to Superstar Kidz, and cuddled up for Christmas movie marathons.  

On Christmas Eve we went to the annual Dicharry Family party and watched the Bonfires on the Levy.  Then we popped fireworks at Mimi's house and finally snuggled five exhausted little kids up in their beds at midnight.  Christmas morning we celebrated at our house and then once again at Mimi and Papa D.'s.  It was altogether wonderful and my heart is so full of the blessings of family and home and love.  These days are ones I know I'll cherish forever.

And as I look forward to a new year, I'm hoping to cultivate the contentment that settles in a thankful heart.  Always cherishing these moments.

Happy New Year, family and friends!!  
Praying it's full of the blessings and love of Jesus!


Melodee said...

how cute your little family is!!! happy new year :)

Mary said...

oh my soul.
these photos are precious!
happy new year friend!
i'm loving your Christmas card.
thank you SO much. :)

Southern Gal said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, Joye!

thewindhover said...

What a dear and sweet Christmas time your family had; full of all the best things - love, kinship and the of Jesus! Also I adore your family portrait, and that photo of Story listening to the guitar tunes!


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