Birthday crowns, a pretty pink bow, superhero, and a batman cake

Note:  I had to edit this post because Blogger was being mean to me last night and didn't save my finished letter to Boston or my letter to Legend :(  It's updated now. 

Good heavens, it's been too long since I've blogged.  But life with five kids takes some adjusting, and I've been more than a little overwhelmed lately by the busyness of it all.  I'm not the most organized person, but now that I have five children, I'm realizing this needs to change.  I have to adapt to this new season.  It's bend or break.  (And I've had more than a few "breaking" moments).  I've bought just about every book out there on managing large families...now I just need to find the time to read them!  Birthdays kind of snuck up on me this year.  Thankfully, gold paint, cardboard, cakes, and homemade party hats make for a good old fashioned celebration.

The twins were born on Leap Day, so we "unofficially" celebrate their birthdays on March 1st.  Then Legend's birthday is right around the corner on March 15th.  It's a party month up in here, ya'all.  And probably the greatest present this year was their Grandma's 10 day visit.  It was so wonderful to have her here with us.  She met Story for the first time and they hit it off.  We cried when she left (I'm still crying).  Thanks for everything, Grandma Chick, we love you.   

I want to remember these moments.  To look back on these faces I hold most dear on the pages of this blog, my personal love letter to my God and my family.  And I want my kids to read my words and view my photos and feel the love God and I have for them deep down in their bones.    

My Dearest and Fairest Astair,

Oh Sweetheart, you are truly a joy to me.  You're like the warm and gentle first rays of sunshine in the morning.  You shine all the time, no matter who's looking or who's not.  I love that about you.  You have this inner strength and confidence, a happy and content spirit.  You are so brave and capable.  You tackle life head on.  You were dressing yourself when you could barely walk and when you decided to learn how to tie your shoes, you practiced and practiced until you got it right.  You taught yourself how to write your letters and spell your name.  You taught yourself how to rollerblade, how to sew, and how to make bows for your hair.  If I try to help you with anything, you throw up your little hands, exasperated, and tell me you can do it all by yourself.  And you can.  And you do.  One day, Thaddeus asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, and your answer was "a mom".  It melted my heart.  You love helping take care of your baby sister and your little brother.  You have such a nurturing spirit. I love watching you entertain Story and hold her in your arms.  You are a precious big sister!  You love to care for others and give people gifts. I love how incredibly artistic and creative you are!  The things you've created have truly amazed me!  God dreams such beautiful dreams for your life.  I am so blessed to know you, and love you, and to call you my daughter.

All my Love,

My Boston Boy,

I think you are one awesome kid.  You've got a heart as big as a gold mine and a personality to match.  I love your funny jokes and the way you smile real big when you're excited about finding lizards or doing tricks on your bike.  Your eyes light up like the sky in July and your enthusiasm for life is infectious.  I've seen glimpses of your compassionate soul that have humbled me. And oh, kiddo, how you love people!  You've never met a stranger.  There was a time when you wanted to save all your money to "give to the poor".  And whenever you see someone sad or hurt, you mourn with them and desire to help them.  You're a tried and true superhero through and through.  It's no wonder you love dressing as one and have so many superhero costumes I can't keep up with them.  I love hearing you sing (and you're always singing), the songs you write are amazing!!!  The words come from a soul wise beyond your years.  Your songs are almost always about wanting to be like Jesus and listening to His voice, about letting him chase away sadness.  They are truly beautiful and inspiring and you sing them with such feeling.  You are my little evangelist--telling everyone about Jesus and talking about him constantly.  "Mom, did you know Jesus is stronger than Superman?" You are determined, strong-willed, and passionate.  God has such unimaginably big plans for your life!  I am so blessed to know you, and love you, and to call you my son.

All my Love,

Legend my Love,

Goodness, but you are one loving boy!!  Your hugs and kisses are the highlight of my days.  And the way you say "Mommy, I love you", with your heart in your big brown eyes, the second before you know you're going to get in trouble.  Every since Story came home, you've showered her with such love and affection, kissing her all day and holding her close.  You coo over her, "It's okay, Story.  It's okay.  I love you."  You are fiercely protective of her.  I love your tender soul!  We all adore you, you're so easy to love.  You have an easy going, entertaining spirit, and you love to make us laugh almost as much as we love to make you laugh.  Your giggles are pure joy to our ears!  One day when you were barely two you prayed over supper, "Jesus, dank you for mommy and daddy, and dis day, and for food, and help me be good, and no more monkeys jumping on da bed".  You were so earnest,and we laughed so hard, which only made you pray harder and say it over and over again.  You love to share, and hug, and hug some more.  One day you found me crying and you wiped my cheeks with your little hands and kissed me and told me "Is okay, Mommy."  And then you'll say something so unbelievably clever and I'll forget for a moment that you're only barely three and then I'll forget what I was so upset about altogether.  You have a gift, my love.  God has such great big plans for your life!  I am so blessed to know you, and love you, and to call you my son!

All my Love,


Southern Gal said...

Happy birthday to your sweet babies.

Mary said...

this is so precious, joye!
you have such a beautiful family and i admire you so.
we had birthday mania in february...i'm SO glad it's over and next year we will be going way more simple. :)
i LOVE those crowns and those cakes are amazing.
you are amazing.
love you.

lauren said...

no matter how often you write... it inspires me. lots of littles, homeschooling, seeing the beauty in the mess, worshipping Jesus in the way we were created to, in love with husbands and old things and simple joy. you are on my short list of people i wish lived next door. alas-- the internet is a lovely and disheartening thing.:) grace to you mama.. :)

Lauren said...

I just love these letters and sweet photos! Think I'm gonna have fun looking around your blog now.

vintage grey said...

Such precious kiddos you have!! Happy birthday to them all!! Wishing you a beautiful and blessed week! xo Heather


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