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It's that time of year again when anything's possible...

So naturally I decided to break my six month blogging fast.  Six months!!  My fingers are itching to click and clatter out all my cobwebs.  It's been too long, friends.  Life got heavy and a bit too cumbersome...have you all had seasons like that?  I had prayers pressing hard on me and more than anything else and most importantly instead of anything else--I needed to seek God.  I wish I could say that's how I spent all the time I could have been blogging...but...there's always instagram :)  There will always be distractions.   Always something to steal the best and replace it with the mediocre.  Always a temporal joy to curb my appetite for the eternal.  But God is not so easily distracted (thankfully!) and He's been focusing those immensely loving and intensely merciful eyes of His on the attitudes of my heart.  

He's stirring things up inside me.  Placing his fingers on what's got to go, and breathing new life into old dreams.

I've struggled with joy.  And I've found it's all wrapped up in hope.  

When I can't see past the mountains I'm facing, when I feel like I'm stuck on a dead end road and the realist in me keeps telling the dreamer to take a back seat--joy pretty much flies out the window.

But hope is a thing that has to be resurrected.  And I have a Savior who knows a thing or two about that. 

He's doing more than I could ever ask or imagine...

He's giving me hope.  He's given me himself.


>>---> I'm loving my new blog design by the beautiful and talented Danielle Burkleo!!  It's just the sort of inspiration I needed to jump right back into blogging.  Love that girl!

>>--->  I can't wait to share our advent calendar and our favorite Christmas traditions this week and the next!


Southern Gal said...

Missed you! It's great to read your words again. I've peeked here at your instagram a time or two. ;)
This is my favorite:
"It's all wrapped up in hope." Yes, it is.

Sherry said...

So glad you're finding your joy. My mantra for the past couple of years has been, "You will be amazed!" And I have been amazed over and over as God has worked things out that I thought were impossible.

I don't think I've ever visited your blog before and I'm not sure how I found it today, but evidently it was meant to be. You have encouraged me! Blessings to you.

vicki porche durden said...

Awe, So happy to see your comment... I love to see your posts. You are quite the inspiration in so many ways! Such a Joy!!! XOXO
-Love, Vicki Durden

Mary said...

so excited to see what this next exciting chapter in your life holds.
He is so good, all the time!



vintage grey said...

Wonderful to see your beautiful post again! Gorgeous new blog design and I love the roses! Blessings to you this Christmas season! xo Heather

Emily said...

I really appreciate why you took time off from blogging! Welcome back. I enjoy reading your words and honest reflections of time spent with God. In a big way, you remind me of Amy Carmichael. :)

Lauren Casper said...

I love the new look - so beautiful! I'm so glad you're back to blogging - I've missed you (but of course I've loved that I can keep up with you on fb and instagram!) ;) I so appreciate why you took time off. I'm about 1 month into my own break and think I'll be breaking for a few more months. Similar reasons... a lot is happening in our lives and family right now and the only words I have right now are for my Father. Love you!

BARBIE said...

I've truly missed you, your beautiful words and your beautiful blog. Thankful to have you writing again!


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