the advent adventure

Life truly is an adventure.

And it's found in the season of advent.  The beginning of the greatest adventure our world would ever embark on.

You can't have an adventure without an element of risk.  The very definition of the word is "an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks."   The stakes are high.  We hold our breath.  We dare to hope.  And we wait.  We wait for that part of the word that assures our safe passage through one adventure to the next.  The advent.  The coming into being.  The glorious part of anything worth risking anything for.

Everyday leading up to that morning we remember Who came for the first time and Who is still coming again.  We remember the One Who Risks His All For Us.  The One who counted the high cost and said we were worth it.  We eagerly unwrap an unknown package...the gift of today...and we count down the days remaining until that miraculous first arrival of the One Who Saves Us. 

Counting the gifts.  Anticipating the coming.

This is Advent.

We never stop the counting.  Never stop the hoping.  Never stop the waiting.

Because Christmas is only the first Advent.

The second is coming...


Joy Kinard said...

Advent is my favorite. I love how your little packages are wrapped and displayed.

Ali said...

Hi Joye. I'm so glad you're writing again. Your blog is so refreshingly honest, and I love that. Thank you for sharing the seasons in your life. God bless!

Blessed Mama said...

"The greatest adventure" yes. Counting the days and waiting. Yes. The greatest adventure.

Enjoy the wooden candle holders. My oldest son has a date with a chainsaw this afternoon and doesn't know it yet:)

Thank you for sharing your heart.

Danielle Wagasky said...

I'm so glad youre writing again. I've missed ya lady!



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