The day after thanksgiving

....is becoming a favorite of mine.

We pull out the christmas boxes and pick out the perfect tree.  Christmas candles are lit and jolly tunes evoke spontaneous song.  We roll out batches of sugar cookies and brew a big pot of apple cider.  Cinnamon, spice, and sugar weave through the air while flour dusts noses and even our hair.

The excitement is unrestrained.  It's Christmastime!  The season we remember our Saviour and his birth.  The season we celebrate the Good News of Christ Jesus.  And it is such Good News to us who know Him!  Know Him not just as the baby born in a manger, but as our Risen King.  His birth began the greatest rescue mission this world will ever witness.  And I'm eternally grateful for a God that makes Himself so personal to me. 

I love watching the excitement of my kids during this special season.  With eyes gleaming, Thaddeus wants to experience it all, his joy unrestrained as he "gives Jesus the best birthday ever".  I never want him to lose that childlike awe, that thrill and wonder at it all.  

I do so love the day after Thanksgiving, because it's full of snapshots such as these:

Hark the Herald!  We'll be singing, Glory to the Newborn King!


Tamara Nicole said...

Oooh such cute photos, esp that cute lil booty:-) I so love this time too, just put up our tree today, while listening to Christmas music and hanging with my hubby and our dogs. I am so excited! Even more this year than ever. I'm hosting my annual girl's Christmas party Sat, woo hoo!

PaisleyJade said...

Loving our pics - and loving this time of celebrating our King's birth!!

Lara said...

I love it too!!

Maria @ The Trochelmans said...

I LOVE it too!!! :)

Cherish Stockdale said...

we do the same things the day after thanksgiving. it is my fave! such cute pictures! :)

Theresa Miller said...

My favorite time, too! We've started the tradition of cutting down our tree the day after Thanksgiving last year and this year.

danielle @ take heart said...

i love that day too!
happy sunday :)


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