our five year old photographer

I handed the camera to our five year old and he took these pics like a pro!
Of course, I just couldn't resist cropping and editing them just a wee bit here and there.
I think he was relieved to be the one taking the pictures for a change. 
Thanks, Thad!  You're the man!

My honey and I went out on a date this week and it was wonderful.  Sushi and then The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  We both grew up reading The Chronicles of Narnia and we absolutely love them.  Joel's dad read the entire series to all his kids and Joel has many fond memories of these family story times.  Growing up, they talked often about how Aslan represented Jesus and they always drew on the rich metaphors and analogies C.S. Lewis wove throughout his stories.  Our kids are a bit too young right now, but we can't wait to read the series to them when they get older.  I'm a big fan of C.S. Lewis.  And I'm an even bigger fan of Aslan.

This week has finally felt like Christmas vacation.  Last week we barely stopped to catch our breath before Christmas came and went.  The youth group shared warm clothes, their testimonies, and the love of Jesus at The New Orleans Mission Homeless Shelter and Joel preached this Sunday at our church (you can listen to the audio sermon here).  I was so proud of these teenagers and my heart nearly burst with love for my husband. 

God really gave our family a word for this season.  He wants us to remember all that He has done for us this year.  Not to be like the Israelites in the Old Testament who witnessed God lead them out of slavery and through the middle of the Red Sea on dry ground and only a few short days later began to complain and doubt God's ability to provide for them.  They forgot what God had done.  I don't want to forget.  But there are so many answered prayers that I've already forgotten.  So many that I didn't record in my journal and I can't remember them specifically anymore.  I'm ashamed to admit how similar I am to the Israelites who wandered in the desert for 40 years.  God is giving me new ideas and creative ways to start remembering His miracles, His provision, and His answers.  Our family is going to start writing down all of our answered prayers and putting loose change in a prayer jar for every single one.  Once that jar is filled, we are going to ask God to show us who to bless it with.  I got this idea from the testimony of a dear blogging friend of mine, Lauren, in this touching post.  It's amazing how God works, how he answers prayers, how he provides, how he makes roads through the wilderness and streams in the desert.  I'm looking forward to a new year of remembering.

What are you looking forward to this year?


Kristin said...

I love those pictures!!! It sounds like you had such a wonderful Christmas and I love the idea about blessing someone by remembering your blessings. I'm looking forward to seeing who God might use me to bless this year too...you just never know what He might have up His sleeve. :) I haven't seen the Narnia movies or read the books....need to do that! I've heard so many great things about them!

Lisa Grace said...

Great pics! Glad you got a date with your hubby; that always makes my week when I get to do that :)

The blessing jar is a good idea...trying so hard to be thankful for all God does, but what a great day to write it down and make it plain!

Cynthia said...

Your little man did an excellent job on the pics! I love the ideas for the answered prayers. Say a little prayer for us...we have some crazy storms coming in.

Lauren said...

Thad is a GREAT photographer!! :):)

I am so glad the blessing of that family has spread to yours... and will spread to many more!! God is so good!!!

danielle @ take heart said...

as always, thank you for sharing your heart and pointing us to Christ. i love this idea you shared and am excited to do something similar with our family!

danielle @ take heart said...

ps: great pictures by thad! and why are you so cute?!

Joyeful said...

I'll be praying for your family, Cynthia!
And thanks for the sweetness, Danielle!
God IS so Good!

a brilliant melody said...

I also grew up reading the Narnia series and I really enjoyed the new movie.

I'm a new reader, I look forward to returning here :)


Rachel Knoblich said...

You and your husband are so adorable and fashionable. Thank you for the inspirational message. It's so easy to forget all the things God has done for us. I like the change jar thing. We may have to do that too. Hugs!

Mich said...

Baby boy did a GREAT job. Super CUTE pictures.

Happy New Year!

katy said...

ah, can't wait to see 'voyage of the dawn treader'; i'm waiting until they show it in 2d. :P

adorable pictures! :)

happy new year! :)


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