i like green eggs

Daddy made breakfast.

Green eggs
Pink eggs
Blue eggs
Purple eggs

It was totally eggtastic.

Thad said his looked like slime, but Legend didn't seem to mind.


PaisleyJade said...

Haha - love it! Will have to give it a try sometime.

Widge said...

Haha ew....:)

Lindy said...

cute. That would be our family. The oldest won't touch certain food wit a ten foot pole and the baby can out eat us all!

Mindy Harris said...

cute idea!

Linda said...

Green Eggs and...Ham? (:>) My kids used to like that book!

Cute pictures! Daddy's are fun!!!

Love, Linda

thewindhover said...

hehe, what a fun idea. And I'm sure Dr. Seuss would be very proud. I like making my version of "green" eggs using fresh herbs (basil, mint, parsley & cilantro) chopped up super fine and whisked into the eggs before you try them.

Olivia Grace said...

Oh, how fun!!! Love this super cute idea! What a great family breakfast:)


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