praises I will sing

happy Legend with his favorite man (and my favorite too)

all smiles after a ride in the swamp

the moments that make my heart sigh with love for my man

I am so blessed in love.

It seems like trials only make the gifts you've been given shine with more luster.

And they are shining.  Reminding me I have so much to praise my God for.

And I will praise Him!

When I'm tempted to withdraw and be silent, that is the moment when my soul can either sing and soar on strength that is not it's own, or sink and be overwhelmed.

It's something I struggle with.  This lesson of rising above my circumstances, of learning to give all my burdens to Jesus.  I don't like to give my burdens to anyone.  My biggest fear in life is being a burden.  I guess that's why I can never bring myself to ask for help.  I keep it inside.  I try to be strong in my own strength.  But one can only last so long under that much weight, and how many blessings do I deny others?  How many am I denying my Savior?  He asks me to "cast all [my] anxiety on him because he cares for [me]".  (1 Peter 5:7)

So, I'm learning, learning that singing is part of handing those burdens over, learning how to be vulnerable.  Praise in the midst of pain is more powerful than any antidote.  Opening my arms in love for my Jesus instead of holding them tight around myself in an effort to preserve my life.

I'm praising you, my Strong Tower that shelters me from every storm                    
                  My Abba Father, my El Shaddai.

Praising you for
......peace that settles over my heart like the soft whispers of dawn     
......tiny wobbling steps of my baby-child...and the way he feels in my arms
......kindness, such kindness from hearts close to yours         
......the trail of love letters you leave me to find in that leather bound book of         spirit and breath            
......gentle heart tugs and great big bear hugs and little heads close to mine    
......those cyan eyes of a man that loves me as deep as the ocean and as wide as a land
......one, two, three, four, five smiles I love most in this world
......young hearts intent on following you
......patience and prayer and the restful comfort of the Holy Spirt
......the sound of your voice, Lord, as you sing over me
......your name, Jesus, on the lips of my children
......a husband whose strong hands care for me 
......the wonder of marriage, such satisfaction in souls beating as one
......and again and again it's overflowing....this well of life and love

How can I not praise you, My Lord and My King? 


JuRita said...

Love your blog. Love your pictures. Love this post!
May we always trust, love and praise Him. Not matter what winds of change come. thank you for sharing.
blessings :)

esther said...

Thank You, Rubie!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.
I simply cannot express how much that post resonates with my heart.
Friend, that is so simply put and so simply true.
How easily we let what is going on in our small world cloud the great things we've been blessed with.
Thank you Lord!
And thank you Rubie!
xx Stacey

Mama Duck said...

Rubie :) you are a treasure, over and over again! You make me cry every time you write. Xxxx jac

Stephanie said...

This is beautiful, Joye. Praying for continued healing for you, but praising God with you for all the little blessings He gives us in our every day lives. He really is a GREAT God, even when life is hard.

Southern Gal said...

Beautiful list, Joye. So much to be thankful for. Love your sacrifice of praise.

Lisa Grace said...

Joye, so beautiful!

carmen @ life blessons said...

I totally am with you on having a very difficult time being a burden to anyone else. It is a humbling reality to discover, and to realize our need for even greater vulnerability. And how kindly the Lord walks us through that journey! Thanks for this post :)

Emily said...

You are so beautiful, Joye - both outwardly and in your love for Jesus. He truly shines through you and your gorgeous family. :)

Rachel~Wildflower Photography and a little bit vintage said...

SO lovely, Joye! Continuing to pray for you. :) Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Joye,

Its been awhile since I've written.
My heart is with you right now. I know the sting of miscarriages but they do draw us closer to Christ. May He continue to bless and comfort you always.

Tammy Kay

Kate said...

Amen, beautiful post, Joye!

BARBIE said...

Such beauty here. Praying for you today!

katy said...

thank you for the post, i needed that. i can totally identify with trying to not be a burden to others and just hiding it all. thank you for the post, you always seem to put things in the correct perspective, a perspective i need to be reminded of often.


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