leaves in her hair and more answered prayer

So, we're throwing a party over here.
A break-out-the-chocolate-chip-cookie-mix and
play-that-funky-worship kinda party!
God answered our prayers and Joel found work.
It's temporary, but we're praising God for it and we know
He is able to bring the right job at the right time.

He is Able.  Period.

I'm all for celebrating when God answers prayer...
and even when you're waiting on the answer.

Last week was intense for us, lots of prayers and tears and
trying not to worry but sometimes failing miserably.

I remember waking up last Wednesday and thinking
"I am not going to allow this spirit of despair to steal my joy
and my peace."
I gathered the kids together and announced that today was
going to be a day of rejoicing.
All day long.
God is good and always worthy of our praise.
Of course, they were all for it as long as it meant lots of
loud praise music, dancing, and beating on pots and pans for 
long periods of time.
And it did.

We marched.
We sang.
We shouted hallelujah.
We danced like we had no cares,
beat homemade drums 
(till mommy got a head ache and hid every 
last spoon in the house),
played the kazoo.  And the air guitar too.

It felt right.
My faith needed the boost that
praise always brings.
My heart needed the peace.

 I pray I will sing of God's glory
in every season of this life.

"Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom."
Psalm 145:3


Sammy said...

That is wonderful news! God is so faithful!

BARBIE said...

So thankful that your husband has found work. Keep praying for my hubby, now unemployed over two years. It's so hard sometimes.

Southern Gal said...

Yay! Celebrating with you!

Mary said...

praise Jesus for His faithfulness... even in the storm! :) prayed for you this a.m.! :D happy day!

Linda said...

Your "Praise Party" sounds fun! I love the idea! Too much time is spent on "Pity Parties".

So glad your hubby found work...and I hope it turns into a great blessing for your family. God is faithful...that's for sure!

Love, Linda

Kelly said...

So thankful!!!

Mrs Panda said...

Your children are blessed to have you!! Sometimes it is so hard to see the light through the clouds! I remember my parents always would praise the Lord and tell me that He is gracious even when we hit hard times (which honestly I had no idea we were in hard times because they never let it get them down).

So happy for you!! God bless!!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Praising the Lord for His perfect provision. And, loving the fact that your family spent the day singing His praises. Beautiful post, and beautiful truth...praising Him in the good, the hard, and the waiting...always brings peace and perspective.

Christie @ Storehouse Crafts said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog...I honestly was enticed to start reading when I read a post about your husband being out of work. We're in the same position and we're in the waiting place. So excited that your husband found a job! I'm believing that I'll have that same amazing news to post about us very soon! It's a battle to daily renew our minds in the truth of who God is and to remember the promises He has for us. Breakthrough is coming...and in the meantime, we'll celebrate! Thanks so much!

annie said...

oh i'm so glad to hear this news! and i love that you're teaching your little ones how to praise Him. He must be overjoyed by the sounds of their praise.


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