To Grandma With Love

   When you live this far apart from a Grandma you love, you've gotta get creative.  So we threw you a little painting party, Grandma Chick, and mommy had this great idea that we would all pose in front of your personalized birthday banner, magically clean and happy and flashing brilliant  smiles.  Because you did mention you wanted pictures of us, after all.  

Well, we gotta hand it to mom, she sure tried hard.  Even made us pudding paint, hoping to bribe us with it in exchange for pictures.  She wiped our noses, changed a few shirts (several times), begged, pleaded, and did not manage to get a single picture of all of us facing the camera.  Not one.  Sorry, Grandma.  We promise we love you, though!

Lately, all we ever want to talk about is how soon we can leave for the ranch.  We can't wait to see you!  You're so much fun and you give the best hugs ever.  Boston made popsicles for you today and he told everyone he was saving them for you until winter, when he would see you next.  When we realized summer will be here before winter and they might melt on the plane, we ate them.  Hope you don't mind, Grandma.  We promise we'll make you some at the ranch.  And we promise to give you real big hugs and maybe even one of our lizards (if we can find the one that got lost in the house, that is).

Have a very Happy Birthday, Grandma Dearest!

With all our love,
Thad, Astair, Boston, and Legend
(and Mommy too)


carissa at lowercase letters said...

i think she is going to love this. presh.

Lynnette Kraft said...

That looks like something straight out of a magazine! Cutest thing ever!!!

Caitlin Ostberg said...

So adorable! They're all getting so big. I hope you're able to see your mom soon!

Lauren said...


Natalie said...

Hey friend! Are you coming to the ranch again this year? I'm not going to invite myself BUT I know Amy and I would love to see you :)


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