our daddy and a sunset picnic on the water

Dear Love,

It was really pretty wonderful.
We haven't seen you for so many days
and we were all missing each other.

It was a gift that is even more precious
because now I know that it would carry 
us through another long weekend of you
having to work even longer hours.
And through your Father's Day, too.
I cried that the day wasn't as special as
you deserved.

But it's these kind of stolen moments that
we hold on to, isn't it?

You, me, all the kids and a boat on the water.
At sunset.
The sky aflame and the water glowing.
All of us together and feeling so happy.
Floating on a calm lake.
Spreading out a picnic and laying on our backs.
Holding each other while the waves rock us gently.
Loving every minute with you.

You are our favorite person.
We love everything about you.
All your sacrifices, all your devotion to us,
all the memories you make for us, all your love and

To you, family is everything and we're the lucky ones.

You're the best daddy this world over.


Mary said...

this is so sweet.
daddys are the best! :)

BARBIE said...

What beautiful pictures and a lovely letter for your love!


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