a few of my thankful things

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Whenever I need a reminder of my blessings,
 a quick browse through instagram always does the trick.

There's just something about thankfulness and recognizing God's bountiful gifts in the everyday
that brings a lightness to my soul. 

The more I'm thankful for, the more I start to feel truly blessed and all those other emotions competing for my attention suddenly seem less important.

As much as my life is always changing, those two things remain constant:

God is good to me.
And His faithful love endures forever.


BARBIE said...

Oh I love this post. So much beauty here. I am following you on Instagram now.

Southern Gal said...

I have no smartphone. You make me wish I did. ;)
That little girl looks a lot like her mommy.

Mary said...

i couldn't agree more! :)
IG has been such a blessing to me...i can capture life in ways i never did before.
love your photos!

gonna go check you out on there! :)
i'm findinghealthyhope, in case you're interested! :)

Joy Kinard said...

God brought you to my mind this morning. I love how he can take our thoughts to people we've never met to pray for them. Praying for your sweet family today. Glad you posted, it confirms God knows my thoughts!

Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and a little bit vintage said...

such lovely blessings! :) continuing to pray for you. :)

malia said...

Congratulations on a baby girl! Yes, much to he thankful for. Love these captures. So fun so blessed! Much aloha, malia

engineer's wife said...

sweet post! Instagram is a wonderful tool to document our daily blessings.


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