toss it

It's on.
Me (and my 36 week pregnant belly) versus all the clutter in this house.
It's got. to. go.
The wonderful midwives at my clinic informed me that this baby is already six pounds and could be ten by my due date.
In other words, she's gonna be here soon, and it better be earlier than we planned.
I have officially kicked into nesting overdrive.

I'm getting rid of junk.  Little by little.
Kind of like a physical and spiritual cleansing.
Completely inspired by the words of James:  " So put away all filth and evil excess and humbly  welcome the message implanted within you, which is able to save your souls." (1:21)

I always looked at that verse from the purely spiritual point of view, but this bible study on James is bringing scriptures into a whole new light for me.  "Evil excess" can also be material possessions.   All our "stuff" can choke out the word of God that is planted in us.  Distract us, busy us, blind us to the real blessings, the quiet and peaceful way of the Spirit.

I know this truth is going to take more than just a few weeks to settle into my soul, and even longer to truly purge from my life.

But nesting is a wonderful and powerful tool God gave for us to use, and I mean to put it to use!  I have already tackled attics, closets, toy chests (well, as much as I could with children digging through the trash with exclamations of "mom, how could you throw this away?!  it's my favorite!")  They can't all be favorites, my little children.
If I find one more lego out of it's place...

I still have so much more to organize and toss.

Not to mention Story's room.

I'm at a frustrated halt when it comes to that one.

My dear husband is working too many hours and can't possibly accomplish all the tasks I've envisioned (and they are endless of course--it's the curse of a creative personality).

I want to use only what I have, but that takes a little more elbow grease and a whole lot more patience.

There is one project I had in mind that ended up turning out beautifully and I can't wait to reveal it when I'm finished with the room.  It's a story book mobile I made out of an old 1930's Broadman Hymnal.  It's pages and pages of readings from scripture and a few classic hymns.  I love it and I'm anxious to get the room readied so I can hang it up!

But, until then, I guess I'll just keep on tackling my closets...and cupboards...and other cluttered spaces...and why does it always feel like I still have too much "excess"?  I have noticed a difference, though, in my spirit.  It's a feeling that gets lighter and lighter the more I let go of "things" and embrace the Words of my God.  

It feels like I'm weeding the garden of my soul and scripture now has more room to grow.


ginanorma said...

Have you ever read the book 7, Joye?
It's exactly what you were saying about excess. We've been doing a lot of that around here too:) It's a big job though, isn't it!?!

I hope you get as comfortable as possible in your surroundings as you get ready to welcome new baby:)


vintage grey said...

Material things can definitely distract us, and I hope to put away that "filth" to truly hear God. So exciting your getting so close to welcoming your sweet new baby! Can't wait to see the mobile!! I am sure it s beautiful! Blessings, Heather

Shauna Reed said...

oh wow!
you are a treasure.
i love the way you have described this.
it definitely appeals to me and makes perfect sense.
thank you for sharing.
you always surprise me a little, joye.
in a good good way.

Becca said...

I love this and you, and I love that mobile!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joye!
I too have 2wks until I have my fourth baby. I love this perspective on James 1:21. Making more room for Gods word. Awesome!

Mary said...

i've been working on this very thing, also.
we just have too much stuff, and i'm ready for simple and light.
it's so true that having so much excess materially, weighs on you spiritually.
can't wait to see your creative visions come to fruition, and even more, that sweet little one!

Heidi said...

Yes, trying to get rid of the clutter in my life, house and soul as well! The "weeds" that choke out the good fruit. So excited for you to meet your new little one!


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