If you love it then you better put a bow on it

Usually whenever I start posting back to back crafty projects on my blog it can only mean one thing:  my house is a disaster and I'm avoiding the laundry.  

Wait, I guess that's two things, isn't it?  Well, they're all true.  Thank God for babies.  It's easy to forget how much constant attention they need and how much little attention the rest of your life gets during this baby phase.  I guess they make us focus on what's eternally important, after all.  Pretty sure heaven's not gonna have any dirty laundry.  And I do love this newborn, all wrapped up in mommy's arms phase, but it's just hard to let some things go.  Like long luxurious showers and afternoon naps  and clothes all folded in neat little squares (has it really been almost an entire decade since I've experienced those??)   But back to the crafting goodness...

Astair and I decided that "if you love it then you better put a bow on it".  We threw a bow party.  She made bows for her hair and I made bows for my thrifted blazer pockets.  We even made Story her own little bow onesie (I'll be posting that soon, too).  She's wearing it in a couple of these pictures.  It's bow-licious.

And I'm going to quit typing and let the pictures talk because it's reeeally late and I'm pretty sure I need to go fold some clothes.  And put bows on them.

p.s.  we took these pictures at the old church right across the street from our house.  we take A LOT of pictures in front of that place.  It's pretty special.  It's been our family's backdrop for a few years now (you may recognize it in many of our photos).  I kind of love it (but that doesn't mean I'll be putting any bows on it...)


Southern Gal said...

Adorable...you and the baby and the bows.

Anna @ IHOD said...

This is awesome! Love the way you styled the jacket:)

Sarah said...

I love it! I never get sick of bows. I also love that you are wearing oxford style shoes. I LOVE oxfords and just got a new pair in the mail today =)

JuRita said...

very cute. love your simple style. so quick question- do you cut your own bangs? my husband has been encouraging me to go short bangs again, and well, wasn't inspired till I saw the last picture of you. you look beautiful! blessings to ya!

Joyeful said...

Hey Jurita!! Clearly I have to change my comment form so I can reply in comments! Been putting that off for too long. Yes, to answer your question, I do cut my own bangs. Much more control that way. The best advice I have for you is not to cut too short!! haha--I've done that before. And try to cut it when your hair is almost completely dry that way they won't creep up on you and end up shorter than you expected.

Thanks for your sweet words! xo

Abigail Jasmine said...

So cute! I love bows too- they are just timeless!

Your outfit is so lovely, you look gorgeous, friend!

Anonymous said...

awww, two things, one thing. . .motherhood is filled with things to do afterall!

How lovely these photos are too!


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