diy heart toed oxfords

While most people are happily cutting out cute paper hearts and stringing them across their happy little mantels, I am mantel-less and feeling kind of left out.  I'm sure I will still find time to make happy paper hearts with my gang, as well as find somewhere to hang them (ceiling fans?) but in the mean time I wanted to share the only valentine's decorations I've been inspired to make so far.

My oxfords were begging for a new look.  They were just too white and boring.  Here's the treatment they got:

Step {1}

Draw (or trace) a heart on the toes with colored chalk (can be wiped off afterwards).  This is just to serve as a guideline for painting.  Slightly narrow pointed toe oxfords work best for this heart shape.

Step {2}

Choose your paint color.  I used craft acrylics from Hobby Lobby in Christmas Red and Bright Yellow and mixed them to get this peachy color.  I applied two light coats of paint. 

Step {3}

Let dry thoroughly before coats and before wearing.  You may want to apply an acrylic sealer (found in the paint section of Hobby Lobby) to give it a more glossy layer of extra protection. I forego this step for now.  I wore them the other day and the paint didn't scratch (even with little kids stepping on my toes).

Step {4}

Step it on out.

(and then take pictures of your feet for valentines cards...or maybe not?)

Fa cheesy.

I'm really loving these, though.  They feel fun and inspire me to wear something other than my mommy slippers.  

p.s. I'll be posting another diy for you and baby and the outfit I wore with these shoes (just for fun) tomorrow.  Gasp.  I know.  Two posts in a row.  It's a miracle. 


Joy Kinard said...

Joye, Joye. You are the cutest. And your shoes are too!

Have a blessed day my friend!


Kate Ferguson said...

You are so cute! Love the shoes!

al said...

adding this to my craft to-do list! so cute.

vintage grey said...

So cute and creative! Have a blessed week! xo Heather

Southern Gal said...

Those look just like you! Cute.

Mary said...

these are {TOE}tally rad!!!!!!!!
eeeee! you are so cute and creative!

Sarah said...

Ah! I'm just now reading this post after commenting on the other one. This is SO getting pinned! My next pair of oxfords are getting this!


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