Coming soon...and changing the world

Have you noticed?
My 100th post is only a hop skip and a jump away!
Because I love you I'm giving away some lovely things!
I'll be posting the give away on the 100th post!
So come back and check it out!

Just for a little sneak peek, 
here's one of the lovelies I plan to give away:

(sorry, but no, it's not the wedding band, people!)

So be sure to come back and see how you can be one of the lovely winners!


This morning I was perusing through my mini library, trying to pick and choose which books I would be selling at The Book Boutique (Kristen @ Dancing in the Margins is hosting this fun event June 18th -20th).  And at the risk of sounding like a sentimental fool, I almost cried at the thought of giving some of them away!  I know that sounds silly, but certain books are just like old friends.  They've left indelible marks on my life.  I've laughed, sighed, and wept over their pages.  I've held them close, I've cherished them, and they have changed me in return.

I flipped open one of my favorites and read the first chapter for the 100th time.
And today it didn't fail to inspire me.
I want to share it with you.

Here is an excerpt from the book "I'm Out To Change My World" by Ann Kiemel Anderson:

I'm going where He goes...
Will you?
And He'll be there beside me.
The love for which He died
Is all I need to guide me.
And He's my gold...
Is He yours?
And my silver brightly shining...
He writes the music
on a quiet summer morning.

I'm an ordinary girl in a big world
but I'm going to change it--
God and I
and love.
"Yes, sir, I'll walk with you.
And you, ma'am.
And you."
You and I together,
we can make it.
Believe with me in the world where you live.
I need you, 
and God needs you.

-Ann Kiemel Anderson, "I'm Out To Change My World", 1974.


God in me
And    I  in  His    Love . . .
will change 
the world.



Summer said...

Beauty in such a simple and glorious form.....thanks....

Kristen @ {dancing} in the margins said...

I need to read that book by by Ann Kiemel Anderson! How beautiful. : )

He And Me + 3 said...

That was beautiful. Yes, love is what we need to win people and to change the world. His Love.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Joye, that is inspiring. That you for sharing it!
Have a happy day!


Kate said...

I am so excited for the 100th post!

mimi said...

I get the same way about books. Thanks for sharing tha portion of one of your favorites!

Miss Charlene said...

Aw thanks for sharing that excerpt :) The earring is so cute too!!

Alicia said...

That was beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing that!!

Congrats on your 100th post! Looking forward to your giveaway!

mom-2-4 said...

That was so nice of you to share that excerpt, and I totally know what you mean about books being like friends- it would be difficult for me to give some of mine away too.
Looking forward to your 100th post!
Julianne :)

Veronica said...

Looking forward to seeing what you'll be giving away. The earrings are super cute!

Holly said...

The book boutique things sounds really neat!

Ana D. said...

How beautiful! Thank you!

@ngie said...

Hi Joye! Nice to meet you too. :-) Thanks for dropping a couple comments my way. You have a great blog too. Congratulations on that oh-so-fun 100th post. Blessings!

Carrie said...

Beautiful words and darling earrings! Can't wait to have a chance for those :) So cute!

Thanks for the inspiring words...I love going back and looking at old books! I think each time you read it, you get something different from it!

Darcie said...

What a beautiful saying...thanks for sharing and what a great reminder of why we are here.

Congrats on your upcoming 100th post, they add up quickly!

momstheword said...

I used to love to sing that song that she quoted! I haven't heard her name in a long time but I was reading her books before she married and was just Ann Kiemel!

Becca said...

What a pretty post :-) I love it!

I just found your blog from monkeys on the bed :-)

Sarah from the house of Walls said...

Hey Joye! I love reading your blog and i can see that many others do too! I was wondering if you could put in a plug for my picture of Matt on the hub on one of your posts or if you would put a link to mine, that would be awesome! If you wouldn't mind, I just need people to register and vote for his pic "Watching Softball" and each email address can vote 5 times! You have a lot of followers so it would really help me out!


Sarah from the house of Walls said...

You can get a widget for your blog off the hub website!

Nicole said...

Ugh I wouldnt be able to give away or get rid of any of my books. Why are they such a senimental thing? They're books!!!!

christy rose said...

I love Ann's books! I have them all!


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