A Girl Named Orissa

There's someone you just have to meet.

And her name is Orissa.
She's been in this blog from the beginning.  I've often referred to her as my "beautiful neighbor/friend".  But she's so much more than that.  She's a sister of my heart.

And I'm going to miss her.

You see, I've had the privilege of walking beside this dear friend through her journey to becoming a young woman.  I met her when my husband and I were youth pastors and she was merely thirteen.  I remember knowing then that God had big plans for this little lady.  And what a joy it has been to see those plans unfold.  I have laughed and cried and prayed with her.  I have rejoiced over her heart of obedience.  Her path has not always been an easy one, but she travels the narrow road with narry a backward glance.  

And now her eyes are fixed on a mission field. A mission field of needy mothers and babies eager for life.  Orissa has enrolled in a Birth Attendant School at an International Christian Mission Organization called YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Australia.  From there she will travel to undeveloped nations across the globe assisting women in childbirth and in mother/child health care.  For one whole year.

For one whole year she will be living out of her backpack, loving women and children in desperate need.  For one whole year she will be ushering life into this world and into the arms of their Savior.  

She wrote a beautiful letter describing the school in detail and sharing her heart.  You can read it HERE on her Aunt's blog  (it was published in the local newspaper as well).

God has been ordering this dear heart's steps.  Every single one.  I have watched Him give her direction and open doors only He can open.  I have watched her take hesitant steps of obedience until she broke out into a full run!  She has taken leaps of faith.  You may have thought it strange to see a shiny red PT Cruiser in the picture I took of Orissa above?  Well, the story it tells is one of surrender. 

 God gifted that car to Orissa in answer to her prayers for a vehicle.  He literally gave it to her.  For free.  And then He placed this mission on her heart.  And because it was the cost of obedience, she sold her prized possession, she gave it back to him.  That is faith.

And faith pleases God.  Oh, how it pleases him!

Maybe your heart has been stirred to give in faith to Orissa--whether monetarily or prayerfully.  If that is the case, then send me an e-mail and I will be happy to give her information to you!  She is setting up a blog as well to keep us all updated on her journey of love.

I can't stop thinking about that sleek little red cruiser Orissa sold and comparing it to my own treasured possessions and gifts from God.  Even though He gave them to me with no strings attached, would I be as willing to give them back to him?  Would I sell everything, leave family and friends for Him?  I hope I would.  I pray I will.

P.S.  It's coming! My 100th post giveaway!  I won't be blogging over the weekend because it's Lil Man's birthday, but I will post it for Monday.  Monday, monday...is gonna be a funday!


Rebel With an XT said...

How sweet you are to help tell Orissa's tale. When I sent the letter to the editor I asked her mom if it was ok, because I know how shy and private Orissa is, and I knew she would say no. But how else can we spread the word of her mission that God has called her on? Anyhow after Orissa came home from her visit to KY she found out about the letter and that it was published, and she already had 3 donations waiting for her at home! She was thrilled and called to thank me and say that it was OK that I sent the letter to the editor.

BTW are you coming to her Going Away party on the 28th hosted by Ms. Bonnie from the Montessori School where Orissa teaches? I will be auctioning a picture I took of some old oak trees at a cemetery in St. Francisville to help raise money for her...I'll post a "pic of the pic" I will be selling on my blog & hopefully people will be exicted about the pic and about helping Orissa and want to bid on it, even if they can't come to the event.

Aunt Michelle

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful young woman. I would like to keep up with her journey, and pray for her.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

What an amazing, beautiful woman! I will definitely pray for Orissa. Thank you for sharing her story...and her beautiful faith. Great pictures, too. I love your writiing, Joye!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joye,

Thank You for the support of www.SabuHelp.org, Like Orissa, helping others costs, but the reward is so HUGE! I understand Orissa's plight, my youngest daughter Joey is on fulltime staff for YWAM, she is dedicating her life to Christ by teaching these young YWAM-ers how to serve in the mission field. I feel like I have had to give up my daughter for GOD, and I have to say it hurt for the first year! But I know the cost is worth every tear my husband and I have shed! I also understand the need for the money support, these missonaries have to provide every penny for themselves, not one dime is given to them from the YWAM mission, they must trust GOD for their daily bread! It has been an Awesome walk to watch "my baby" go from young girl to a BEAUTIFUL Christian women for Christ...Enjoy watching Orissa do the same!

I would love to donate Earring's for the give away, how many would you like? I would also donate Temari's for the same cause..just let me know. Thank You for your love and faith in you precious Jesus, will it not be the BESTEST reunion in HEAVEN when we all get to meet! Contact me here: skwoing@hotmail.com

Kate said...

What an awesome story your friend has, and it's all from God! I know what you mean about watching them grow up. That's one thing I love about my husband being in the ministry. We have the humbling privilege to watch followers take steps to dig deeper, live more faithfully, and grow in every direction with God. How awesome that you had a hand in her discipleship!

He And Me + 3 said...

She is an amazing young Lady. Her love for the Lord is awesome and truly and example for others.

Sarah from the house of Walls said...

Awesome story. I have always felt a calling to minister to pregnant women throught childbirth and have many times thought of becoming a doula. Maybe someday.

Thanks for voting for Matt. The contest runs through the 16th and you can vote 5 times every day for each email address registered! Tell T. Happy Birthday for me! Can you believe our "little boys" are turning 4 this year!!!

momstheword said...

What a sweet girl and what a lovely story! You can't outgive God, can you? Whatever you give, He gives back, only it's more awesome than you can imagine!

Have a lovely weekend with your son and we'll see you on Monday!

mimi said...

What a wonderful and lovely young woman. Her story is awesome....and I bet it will just continue to be so.

Have a great weekend.

Carrie said...

We've had a family member who went on a mission trip to India and South Africa for 2years...and it was hard for us to imagine him giving up 'the real world' for that long! He was just out of college and so young! But what an experience he had to share with us!

She is truly beautiful and pray for her safety and guidance on this journey! Amazing!

Kristin said...

I am so looking forward to following Orissa's journey! What an amazing woman and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing this!

Happy Birthday Lil Man!!

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Thanks for all the prayers and support for Orissa!


christy rose said...

What a wonderful story! Orissa's love for the Lord is so touching! Would I sell everything? Leave family and friends for Him? Oh My! Would I? I too hope I would! Lord? Would I? Help me Lord!

Veronica said...

What a great story! That is just awesome what the Lord is doing in her life. It's not always easy to surrender and let the Lord take the lead but that is what he calls us to do.

Hope you had a good weekend with Little Man and that he had a great birthday!!!

Leslie said...

She is just lovely! My co-worker's daughter was at YWAM in Pittsburgh. She met her husband through YWAM and they are now serving some orphanages in Romania!

Thank you for visiting my blog today!

Blessings, Leslie

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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