The Rainmaker


O Lord
you are as
a sweet mist that
settles softly upon me
falling gently as light rain
with words from your mouth
cleansing my wet upturned face
as rushing rivulets of your love are
seeping into the deep river of my soul
that is ever widening until it overflows
immersed in the torrents of your spirit
drenching my dry and so thirsty heart
filling my empty cup full to the brim
your rain dancing all around me
spills  into  another  soul

{written in 1999 by me}

Go dance in His rain today.

And remember 


Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

This is beautiful...you are a wonderful writer...love this...love the Rainmaker...love you...

Summer said...

Joye, you should really put all of your beautiful poems and stories into a book and have it published. You are talented...and just reading your work makes my heart so happy and full. Keep it comin' girl....keep it comin'!


Lauren said...

I'm with Summer - you need to make a book of all your lovely poems and stories! I would so buy it! :) I love coming to your blog... you make me smile!

Kristin said...


You are definitely a raindrop for my thirsty soul. I love how your poem looks like a drop too. You are gifted and I would definitely love to have a book written by you! Don't give up on that dream!!


mimi said...

How appropriate.....I'm sitting on the couch watching a rain storm begin!!

You have such a talent with words!

Miranda said...

Awesome post. We've been dancing in the rain today too...http://sippycupsandfingerprints.blogspot.com/2009/06/reign-in-us.html

Veronica said...

Joye...can I just tell you how much you bless me everytime I come here? I know it's been a while since I've commented, but I just wanted to let you know I've still been reading...I've just been going through a tiny dry patch myself. Thanks for the rain:) Love ya!

Mich said...


Dani Joy said...

I love this! down to the shape of the text! So creative and what a flow of words and a great word pictures. Love the picture of your little one in the rain too.
Showers of Blessings to you!

Lisa said...

That was beautiful!! Your a great writer!!!

Kate said...

You are an awesome writer! God has given you a great talent!

Alicia said...

That was so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I agree you need to publish a book, you know you could do shutterfly or kodak book, with pictures and words..i have done many of them and love them....Shi~

Tricia said...

This is so good... I needed to read this today! Thanks so much for sharing!


Anonymous said...


christy rose said...

Wow Joye! This was just awesome! I loved it!


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