fragile: a theme?

Yep.  There it was.  Pasted on my 1970's suitcase.  Revealing the truth even through a staged photograph.  
Might as well be pasted on my forehead.
I really don't like to be fragile.  Much less feel fragile.  I'd rather have it all together.  I'd rather be strong, accomplished, and resilient.
Anything but fragile.
But fragile is what I've been of late.

And I'm learning what I consider weakness just may be a prerequisite for a strength outside my own.

When I finally exhaust all my resources, when I'm empty of every "me" solution, God's Spirit floods my dry reservoirs.  Rushing, replenishing waves of living water anxiously stream unhindered through me.

Sitting precariously
on the Potter's wheel
life is a blur
a smudged painting
a dizzy "busy"ness

Gentle hands bending
these frail walls
from within
The lightest touch
transforming them
His vessel
a holy residence 

The strongest clay
it doesn't yield
it must be soft
to bend, to feel
the hands that shape
this empty urn
To fill this void
God-water churns 

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alihsee said...

I'm with you all the way on this post! I also love how you call your baby 'womb baby' :) Very cute! Blessings!

Kristin said...

Wow! That was an awesome poem! I don't like to be fragile either....in fact, I think that is what caused me many years of fear and debilitating anxiety. But, God is teaching me that I do not have control, He does, and that does not make me fragile, it makes me strong!

Kristin said...

I forgot to tell you that I LOVE that picture!! It looks so neat!!

Jenilee said...

Cute, Cute, Cute! I love the picture of you. Super sweet and the shoes? adorable!

Aside from the picture, this post was beautiful. Spoken perfectly. I completely agree. I feel most fragile in this season... only the Holy Spirit in me keeps me strong for me, for my family and for my marriage.

Lauren said...

okay - we are the same person!

1st - I adore your shoes!!
2nd - vintage is the best
3rd - that picture is amazing and would be perfect as a header!!
4th - fragile?? yep ... that's me! I feel fragile 99.9999999 % of the time. Praise God that He is perfected in our weakness.
5th - your poem is beyond beautiful!!

I love my visits here ... they always make my heart smile! :)

Kate said...

Love the picture and the Mary Jane's totally rock!! I agree on the whole fragile thing, I don't like to look weak or ask for help, but sometimes we need to humble ourselves and allow for others and especially God to help us out.

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

beautiful picture.

and fragile is beautiful, too.

Barbie said...

What a gorgeous picture! It's hard to put ourselves out there to the world. Sometimes we do feel so fragile like we could break. But God is bigger! Blessings!

Jess/Proverb31girl said...

I feel like I could have posted this same exact blog today (minus the cute shoes, love them!). Finding His strength in our weakness is such an important theme in my life lately. It's nice to hear others going through the same thing.

christy rose said...

I just love that picture! It is so cool! It would make a great header picture too.

This was an awesome post Joye! It ministered to me a lot this morning. "I'm learning what I consider weakness just may be a prerequisite for a strength outside my own." This is so good because it is so true that we can not find, accept and live in His strength as long as we are still trying to accomplish everything in our own strength. Recognizing our weakness makes us able to receive His strength. Then we are truly STRONG! Fragile on our own and Strong in Him!! Totally dependent on the One who created us yet capable of handling anything because of that. Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture and the theme...fragile is frightening and fantastic all at the same time...it's a gift to be fragile and it is one we have to accept, we can't muster it on our own.

3 Blessings said...

WOW WOW WOW! That is wonderful. Such beauty in being fragile.

Veronica said...

Beautiful post, Joye. I can totally relate in the fragile department.

Can't wait to see your new header!

Holly said...

I definitely don't like to fragile. I'd much rather be strong too, but you can't be strong all the time. Thankfully, God is there for us.

I love vintage!

He & Me + 3 said...

Amen Joye. When we are the most fragile God can take that and turn it into something beautiful and strong. That picture is amazing and I can't wait to see the new header.

Catherine Anne said...

I love it!!!! Fragile its wonderful...

Jennifer said...

What a great poem... I love it! And the photo is wonderful... love the yellow shoes! :)

Fiona said...

Nothing deep and meaningful from me today - just wanted to say - you got style girl!!

Wylie said...

Lately I've been thinking that I am thankful that I am fragile, broken. God's power is made perfect in weakness, He uses the weak to lead the strong... these thoughts have been on my heart. It is through the brokenness I remain in Him. So close to Him. Where He can mold me. So, I don't want to be whole, or perfect - as if there were such a thing. I don't want to be one of those people who convince themselves that they are. And, then they don't have a need for Him...

I think you & I have it right. We're fragile, but we can do anything & everything with the power of Christ in & through us...

A good word to ponder. Glad I visited today! Hope you are feeling good!

Pat & Ron Harris said...

I don't have any new words to express what I felt when I read your post. The picture is awesome. The rest filled me with a joyful spirit. thank you for reminding us that we have a God who is always present, especially when we need Him most.

Rebel With an 50D said...


Your beauty is that you don't see your beauty - You only see HIS beauty. Some of us have to see angels before we can see HIM, and you are that angel!

Your light filled spirit illuminates the path that leads to the Savior. How blessed you are to have that special role to fill here on earth.

Thank you for this!
Thank you for everything!!


Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Amazing picture...and even more amazing message. It is a beautiful thing to be fragile in His hands...and we are always safe there, dear friend. His strength is made perfect in our weakness. You, my dear are just beautiful. Thank you for this post...I feel as if you spoke the very words on my own heart.

Much Love,


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