a new year and a winner

We welcomed this New Year with a fireworks show
 hosted by none other than our little Thad.
He loved every bang, boom, and whistle!
The twins had a blast stomping on snaps.

May every year hold such wonder and delight for them.
And for you as well.

The winner of the love letter in a bottle pendant...

**I used Tara Fey's Random Number Generator to select the winner.**


christy rose said...

Congrats to Jennifer!

Just stopping by to wish you and your family a happy and blessed new year! :)

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Happy New Year...may yours be filled with joy!

He & Me + 3 said...

Congrats to Jennifer.

Jennifer said...

Woo Hoo!! What a fantastic surprise! Thank you so much... it's gorgeous! :) Happy New Year!

Bird learning to fly... said...


What a joyful blog indeed!!!

Thank you for stopping by at Bird Crafts and for leaving such a lovely comment! :)

Wishing you a very Happy 2010!

Kristin said...

Happy New Year Joye! Congrats to the winner too :)

Mich said...

Happy New Year!

I missed the giveaway post. Cute pendant. Congrats to Jennifer.

Jenilee said...

happy new year to you too! congrats to jennifer! :)

OilGirl said...

Wishing you and yours a very blessed 2010! I haven't had much time to blog hop these days so I am now catching up on some dear ones that I haven't read in a while. Yours is as beautiful as always! :)
Be well, Jen


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