the free blessings

{us guhrlz}
I am blessed.
Oh so incredibly blessed.

How do I ever forget this?
How can I ever complain?

I could never deserve all God has blessed me with.
It's Grace, undeserved and spilling over.
The Love of a Saviour though I am a sinner.

It's in the smiles and silly faces of four tiny people.
It's their laughter and embraces.
This soul deep kind of love that carries us.

It's in his voice when he looks at me.
His eyes that say it all.
The forever love of my very best friend.

There is no thing that can compare with these.
No worldly possession.
No earthly treasure.

The greatest blessings after all
 are the ones I've been given for free.

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Anonymous said...

This is simply lovely :)

Mary said...

simply beautiful.

Linda said...

You truly are on a "Joyeful Journey!" May God continue to bless you with these wonderful, lovely moments!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Mich said...

Beautiful poem.

LOVE the pictures.

LisaMarie@TheEnlightenedBug said...

Very lovely! And so in need of remembering everyday!

Heather Hawthorne said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my post. That's how I found you and I'm so glad I did! Looking forward to reading around more...

♥your newest follower..

HH {A Mom Without Facebook}

beachcomber said...

great photos! love your blog!
thanks for visiting mine : )

Kristin said...

So beautiful and so true! Love the pictures!

Michelle's Style File said...

Beautiful post and a gorgeous outfit!


Mama Duck said...

so true. And how gorgeous is ur little girl!! Lovely! PS, just saw this and though of you :)

ricebabies said...

I agree, I have to remind myself that sometimes. My life is so blessed, but like Jonah, I often complain, when I should feel more blessed.

Sarah said...

Wow. Your blot rocks. I just found you and you are my newest follower. I'm adding your button to my blog. It's so awesome to find other Christian moms out there in the blog world.

- Sarah


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