family photo album

"Oops!  Did I just cut my bangs?  Oh, hahaha"

Mommy didn't think it was quite so funny.  And after telling Astair exactly what she thought, Astair  wailed, "Everybody won't like it"

Oh dear.  Must tread carefully here.

DJ Boston.
He's got that groove.
Those cool cat moves.

Those big puppy dog eyes of a Legend.
Hugs like a bear and kisses like one, too.
Loves his daddy like there's no tomorrow.
Loves his momma too.

Oh Thaddeus, Oh Thaddeus,
where have all your teeth gone?
Oh Thaddeus, Oh Thaddeus,
your smile is ever changing.

Daddy has one day off every week. 
 And the things we do in that one day could fill an entire month.  
We ride our bikes, we build campfires, we race our four wheeler, we make boats, we go on picnics, we swim, we laugh, we love him possessively and wish we didn't have to share him with overtime.

And then mommy gets daddy all to herself.  Sunday nights are date nights.  
Sunday is the most wonderful day.
Sunday nights are incredible.

This is for real, ya'all.


BARBIE said...

Oh I remember the day when my daughter cut her bangs. I thought I would die. Your pictures are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I could not help but giggle at the chopped bangs, ha. I remember when I was little and I got a hold of the scissors, in fact I recently confessed to my mom yeaaaars later that "yes, I indeed DID cut my hair" (after denying it for years, as if she clearly could not tell it was me, lol) ... lovely family pics :)

LisaMarie@TheEnlightenedBug said...

I've been lucky up to this point (knock on wood) that my 7 and 4 year olds haven't gotten the bug to cut their hair! Ha!

They are all so adorable! Love the glasses on Boston, too cute!

Jenilee said...

what fun family photos! and her cute little bangs... the things they do, right? lol

Kate said...

Great pictures! I love how vintage-y everything is! We are the same way with Eric's day off, we do as much as humanly possible to make memories with the girls!

Mamasita said...

Gotta love the "self trimmed" bangs! Thank heavens hair grows and she is still darling as ever... as is your ENTIRE family!
:-) Happy Monday!

Mary said...

Ooooh. Precious time with the man in our lives. Good stuff! We miss our daddy when he works all day and then all night, too! It sure makes the days off sweeter! Love the pics of your sweet family. :)

Shonni said...

These are such cute pictures!!!!!

Mich said...

Beautiful, fun pictures of a super cute family.

ricebabies said...

Such cute pictures. Mom son just asked me today if he could cut his hair. I paused and imagined the hair cut, and then said, "I don't think so, but thanks for asking first." hewww

Vintage By Lori said...

You have a beautiful family! :D


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