it felt like a vacation

We took a little unplanned four day weekend vacation
It was wonderful, a gift from heaven.  And ironically enough, it was the result of Joel's layoff from his most recent job on Wednesday of last week.  We celebrated!  Honest.  It was a job that won't be missed.  After six long 80 hour weeks, we needed this time together as a family.  The day after Joel's job ended he didn't waste the daylight and went out in search of another job.  And jobs that pay the bills are scarce right now.  But this time, I can't explain the peace we had.  Maybe it was a mixture of relief and thankfulness for the time we could spend together and the faith that comes when it's all we have left, but we weren't worried.  The sixth company Joel called offered him a job.  An answer to prayer.  God, you are so faithful.

And for four whole days we had our daddy all to ourselves.  You would think he would take this time to catch up on some much needed rest.  But no, he took us on bike rides, played games with us in the park, walks through the woods, family fall festivals, music in the square, and late night movie dates.  He did what he always did and does the best--he loved us well and with everything he has.  It's no small wonder we adore him.

looking mighty fine on a park bench
We love you, daddy-o. You are our hero.

And thank you, my Lord and my God, for these four days of wonderful.


Sarah said...

Wow what a blessing. So thankful that a job was provided so quickly AND you had a wonderful family vacation. I would have been in heaven too!

- Sarah

Charissa Steyn said...

ahh love this post...love the fact that in the midst of celebrating, God provided! what a testimony!!

Southern Gal said...

What a great way to celebrate! He's a good daddy.

Jen said...

Wow! Sounds like an amazing weekend all around! Amazing how God provides, but what an awesome man you have that he wasted no time in looking for another job! Sometimes people just wait around and hope God will do all the work(not that he can't), but I'm sure God loves that your husband was willing to do leg work as well! (super cute pictures too!!)

Mary said...

i'm so happy for you, sweetie. we have been in that SAME spot before. very recently! aching for time with daddy, but there was none. you are so right that when it gets to that point, the worry of job loss is secondary to the exciting moments of time together! praise God for His faithfulness! so happy for you! :)

Lauren said...

SUCH a blessing to have a wonderful Godly husband and daddy! Your family just delights me! I'm so glad you have 4 whole days together! And praise God for the new job!!! That's HUGE!! :D

Mrs Panda said...

What a blessing!! I am so happy for you! Time spent together is worth more than anything, glad you enjoyed it! Also, best of luck to him on his new job!

nicole said...

God is good and God is faithful.


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