we're learning, can you tell?

Caution:  school is in progress.
This is the result of letting Thaddeus have his own journal and telling him he can write "whatever he wants in it."
"Whoa, really?  Anything?"
He was excited.  That's what it's all about, right?
He decided to write a story.
It sounds familiar.
It could very well be a true story.
Legend is affectionately nicknamed "Baby" by his three year old sister.
And yes, he does poop in his pants.
And I guess it could happen when he's running at the walls.


Abigail said...

TOO cute!!! Love your space, here!

Miranda said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh this morniNG!

LisaMarie@TheEnlightenedBug said...

Hahaha! Isn't it so wonderful to see how their minds work through their journal work?!

My oldest has nothing but fairies and mermaids in hers, while my youngest has everything from those same fairies (she copied her older sister) to her own "evil" mermaids, sharks, rainbow colored bones and her favorite cartoon characters and their pet platypus!

Mary said...

oh, i just love this! so precious. :)

Ashley said...

LOL! So cute! It's funny the things they think of all on their own :) Sometimes I hear Emma saying sternly to her baby doll: "Chew your food, baby!" I've decided I'm giving her a complex by fighting with her so much over dinner, but I can't help by laugh when I hear her saying those things! :)

Kate said...

So funny! Good memories!

Kelly said...

boys will be boys right!
so cute.

Mrs Panda said...

That's hilarious!! I love the drawing.

Emily said...

laughing my little head off!!

Sammy said...

That's so cute! Love it!

ricebabies said...

That is so funny. I don't kn ow why kids have a fascination with poop.

I do love how they turn letters when they are learning, such a trademark of a new learner. Ones to keep for sure.

ricebabies said...

Oh and I just love the new design.

Mary said...

i {heart} your new blog design!!! it is just wonderful! :D

Sarah said...

Haha pricelss. Definitely something to pack away and show them later when they are older. I'm totally going to home school so I'm so excited for this stuff =)

- Sarah

Jenilee said...

so funny. love your new header!


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