make your own nativity sets

DIY Cardboard nativity set on Little Scout
I'm a big fan of nativity sets that my kids can play with.  I want them to play with them, to touch and explore and enact and imagine all the wonder of that miraculous and holy night.  But at the moment, our Joseph is headless, our angel lost its wings, and a poor shepherd boy has gone missing.  We kind of need  a more kid friendly version.  I absolutely love this wooden silhouette nativity from Arks and Animals on etsy.   A nativity the kids can put together and make themselves (with hardly a dent in the pocketbook) is even more appealing, though.   I just love the simplicity of these wooden doll nativity sets.

peg doll nativity by goosegrease
DIY peg doll nativity by Our Life

Just in case my hobby lobby doesn't carry peg dolls, I think toilet paper tubes will work just fine.  There's a fun printable nativity scene that kids can color and create HERE.

And I absolutely L.O.V.E this Gingerbread Nativity idea found on KatherineMaries photography blog (inspired by the one on AOK Corral) ! 


P.S.  Just in case you haven't been redirected to enough sites as it is, I found the Gingerbread Nativity on the happy money saver blog  (which is an awesome blog and totally deserved the shout out).

P.S. #2 My cinnamon apple home scent is making me hungAry!  Thank God I didn't buy the cookie scent--I'd probably gain ten pounds just from the smell of it.

P.S. #3  That was totally random and unrelated.

P.S. #4  Have fun with your nativity set!  Jesus is to be well loved!


Holly said...

Kyndra would love a nativity set to play with

Color Lesson Plans said...

Very impressive and awesome thought. Kids gonna really enjoy it.

Cindy T said...

Many children love collecting and playing with rocks -- a hobby that does not put a dent in the pocketbook. A kid-friendly nativity set can be made from small rocks and stones that your children have gathered in your yard. To see ideas for painting your own rock nativity sets, check out http://www.uniquenativitysets.com.

Natalie said...

Will you please email me your home address? natalie @ sporecreative.com

ISO 13485 Consultant said...

Great Ideas ,Thanks for posting....

katie said...

I was google-ing and looking for a Cub Scout project for December and came to this site. I absolutely love the graham cracker set and the peg doll. So much better than the hand painted ones we were considering.


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