down by the docks

These past few weekends have been full of all kinds of excitement.  Another birthday, fishin', blackberry pickin', daddy's homemade slip n' slides, and froggin' (more about that last one in another post I promise).  Sunshine and smiles all around.  We've been having so much fun it takes us about a week to recover.  Well, okay, the kids seem to recover just fine, but I'm the one wondering why the laundry didn't fold itself while I was so busy enjoying the weekend  (hands on hips staring the monster of laundry down).  

On Friday, we headed out to the boat docks to catch some crabs.  Legend made a fish friend.  I won't tell you how long he held it for.  He seriously would not let go.  We fished and splashed and "wading" in the water turned into "oops, I fell in and now I'm swimming, mom!".  It was a golden afternoon.  Nothing really planned, just discovered.  It reminded me of my favorite childhood memories, fishing with my dad.  It makes me insanely happy to now be a part of making those memories for my own children.  I could have stayed and cleaned my house (it really needed it), I could have remained at home, folding laundry (very tempting), I could have been doing a million other necessary things, but I'm glad I chose to go.  I'm glad I spent time enjoying my family and sharing this adventure with them.

I'm attempting (with God's help) to learn how to manage my time wisely.  And that doesn't always mean I get everything done that needs to be done, but that I learn to do what's most important first and that I show up "all there", thankful and enthusiastic.  Most important to me is definitely loving my family well.  So, I guess the biggest lesson I'm learning is that I have to go to bed earlier.  I know, what an idea!  Who would have thought?  Definitely not me, I guess.  I'm a chronic night owl.  Chronic.  But I think there's hope for me.  The other day I actually went to bed by ten o'clock.  Ten o'clock people!!  It's a record.  It might have been 9:57.  Does this mean I'm getting smarter or older?  


Kelly said...

what fun.

Small Town Joy: said...

Sweet pictures.

I, myself, am asleep as soon as I still still.

{mahina} said...

Sweet photos. I tend to be a night owl too. :)

Mamasita said...

Love this!!!! :) Springtime in all of it's glory!
I am SOOO not a night owl - I am up with the birds :) drinking coffee, whistling a tune, doing devotions and ready for the day! But by about 8 PM I am done!!!
Hope you are doing wonderful sweet friend,
I've missed you!

Mamasita said...

p.s. if I don't get a chance to tell you, have a blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun! I wish we lived somewhere close to water like that. I'm sure it's a blast during the summer!

Time management seems to the bane of all mothers. I too wish I was better at time management; it is definitely something I'm trying to work on.

Melodee said...

pretty pics looks so fun! love your blog did you change it up a bit in the header? looks amazing!

Southern Gal said...

Gorgeous shots, Joye.


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