at 28 weeks on the prairie

Story and I
on the last day at the ranch
as a farewell to the sandhills.

There's an ancient wind that blows across this prairie.
It creeks through the windmills, bending the bluestems, churning powdered sand in the hollow of these hills.

It squints my eyes as I shield them from the sun,
tracing the edge of a lazy blue sky that stretches wide and yawns across miles of sloping range.

My sandals sink into the sand, leaving footprints where the boots of my ancestors stood.
They staked their claim, drove it into the dirt, miles from nowhere on an endless frontier.
They had to be.
No one else would have dared such a future.
Homestead survivors of the hardiest sort.

And this land still demands their kind.


vintage grey said...

So beautiful! Have a blessed week! xo Heather

Mary said...

LOVE this.
you look so beautiful! :)

Jill Funkhouser said...

We are like 1 week apart in our pregnancies. It is fun to have a partner in this. I am a follower of your blog!

Southern Gal said...

For a girl who grew up in the pines of the south, I can't imagine living on the prairies. Your tribute is beautiful as is that baby bump. ;)

Aimie said...

beautiful...your words and you!

lauren said...

sooo true. i still sometimes marvel at the great grandma-in-law who loses her husband and refuses to leave her sandhill ranch home. miles from another living soul... she can't stand to not be "home". so fun to see another nebraska girl loving her prairie... even if i am an import from florida. :)

Kelly said...

you and story girl are beautiful.
i wish i could express myself the way you do. you have a gift.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful momma and baby! <3

Sarah Ann said...

Gorgeous. Love this!

Kelly said...


Becca said...

You are so beautiful - Love this :-)


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