In the Desert of the Soul: Beautifully Rooted

Summer brought a wave of homesickness.
I'm a northern transplant down here in the south, and sometimes these roots start aching for familiar soil.
So I boarded a plane with four kids in tow, five counting the one nestled safe in my belly.  And then we drove seven hours to the Sandhills of Nebraska.

"The Great American Desert", so named by Lewis and Clark.  And it feels like a desert this year, parched dry and windy hot.
We pull off the highway and wind our way to the end of the road, to the gently sloping hills of our family ranch.  Where time seems to stand still, it moves at such an unhurried pace. Where the only sounds surrounding you are nature's voice.

And it seems God is louder here, too.

This is where I really came to know Him....

I'm sharing today on Beautifully Rooted
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Sarah said...

You are such a cute prego! Sorry to hear of your home sickness. Happy to hear about your little family road trip =)

- Sarah

Heather said...

Beautiful pictures. I visited Nebraska with a girlfriend that grew up there she wanted to show me where she lived. I loved it. ~Enjoy the end of your summer Love Heather


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