My stretch-limo i.e. stroller

Our day at the park!

I can't mention the park without writing a sufficient ode to THE STROLLER!

Today was beautiful!  We live only a couple blocks away from a fabulous park.  And we are there almost every day!  When the kids get bored and all of them are crying at once--the outdoors is an instant cure-all!  My stroller has become an integral part of our lives.  It's like my second right arm--my baby-sitter (no pun intended!)  And let me tell ya, it is THE cadillac of all strollers.  There is a little seat in the back where Thad can sit or stand--it's wonderful.  He loves it, the babies love it, Joel loves it, people who see it love it, and trust me--you'd love it, too.   I don't know what I'd do without it!  Some wonderful, absolutely beautiful women in my church bought it for me.  God bless those dear ladies!

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The Wall Family said...

Looks like I need a stroller like that!


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