Mary Moments

When I get overwhelmed, nothing gets done.  The twin's birthday is this weekend and my to-do list is exhausting.  Instead of tackling one thing at a time, I get overwhelmed and start procrastinating.  Is that what I am doing right now?  Of course.  : )  
God has been trying to teach me some important things lately, though.  He's been beckoning me to sit at His feet.  To be a Mary in a Martha world.  (And sometimes that may mean that my house will not always be spotless but my conscience will).  I am surprised at how much I have resisted.  "But, Lord, I have to take care of what you've given me."  "This is the only moment I have to clean, you understand."  "If my house looks dirty, someone might think I'm lazy."  "Can we wait until I put the dishes away?"  Of course He waits.  But by then, the free moment is gone.  And I missed it.  Oh, I can always pick up on my time with Him whenever I can and He will lovingly meet with me, but I wonder what strength I could have gained for the moment, what joy could have been mine for the rest of the day had I only left some less important things undone. 

Here is a wonderful song for those Mary moments:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it8mPXP_K7k


Rachel said...

This is truly a mommy struggle I share with you. The constant war between the spirit that desires only to spend time with the Lord and the flesh that never stops! I loved the pharse you used, "My house may not always be spotless but my conscience will". That's so true!

Joye said...

I have to confess, my conscience is a little bruised right now--and my house isn't even clean!! I never stop my "busy-ness" but it's been one of those days when nothing really gets accomplished! I'll feel so much better after I have a little one-on-one with my Jesus.. :)


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