Sunshine, twigs, and picnics

I love the sunshine.  Louisiana weather suits me just fine.  It's one of the few places where you have to turn the A/C on during the day and the heater up at night.  Often.  I am not complaining.  No, not at all!  It was such a bright, brisk, and beautiful day.  We decided (well, Thad and I did--the babies don't get a vote yet, but they seemed to agree) to have a backporch picnic.   Blanket picnics DO NOT work and are NOT ADVISED for 11 month old twins.

The picnic was a huge hit and we all decided to stay outdoors until Thad's naptime.  I discovered, not for the first time, that Astair has an inner cowgirl!  She loved Thad's tractor and refused to get off.  Her favorite toy is a rocking horse (on which she rocks incessantly and even discovered how to climb on by herself).  Boston was not as interested in the tractor as he was in the mud!


I attempted to put Thad down for a nap but he's been on a nap strike for the last month and I've been stubbornly refusing to let the nap go completely  (for my sanity's sake and his!)  So, he stays in his room and lays on his bed to "rest" for at least a half hour.  Sometimes he falls asleep...but not today.  So, we decided to do our "school" work.  The twins and I strolled to the park while Thad drove his trusty dump-truck (I'm surprised the wheels haven't fallen off--he drives it so much).  I've been desperately trying to think of some creative ways to teach my active little man how to recognize his letters.  Pictures on a page just don't enthrall him.  He loves sticks, though.  So, we collected twigs and small sticks in his dump truck and when we got home we made letters.  But we only made two!!  It turned out to be a little more arduous of a task than I imagined!  We might have to work on only a couple a day...:0)


Amy said...

Sounds like so much fun - just the kind of thing we like to do too! Wish we could walk to the park together (and I wouldn't mind a little Louisiana sun myself!).

Joye said...

It would be an absolute delight to go to the park with you and your lil ones! What do you say, if we both drive for two days maybe we could meet in Kansas? LOL.


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