Thad the Man

I really do love the ages that my children are at right now.  And I never thought I'd say that.  I remember being in such a rush with Thaddeus, always thinking "I can't wait till he crawls, walks, talks, etc."  Now I know how fast they grow and I really want to cherish each stage of their lives.

Thaddeus is in a very sweet stage of the threes.  He keeps me on my toes, though!  I have to watch him like a hawk around the babies.  He loves them to distraction, but he runs them over without a second thought!  I'm excited to see him become more mature emotionally now--he's constantly telling me how much he loves me and his daddy and his babies.  It's precious!  He also loves to hear how much we love him!!  The other day I had to correct him but afterwards I told him that I love him all the time.  He looked up at me with wide eyes as if he had just got an amazing revelation and said, "You love me even when I'm bad?".  My heart just melted and I said, "Yes, baby, I love you even when you do things that are wrong.  I love you all the time."  How fitting that God is telling me the same thing lately.  Being a parent has revealed so much about the Father Heart of God to me!

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