Partners in Crime

Boston and Astair: Partners in Crime

Can I just say today has been a little rough?  Can I say that?  Or should posts on a blog always be cheerio?  All I want to do is go to the bathroom BY MYSELF!!!!  It would only take a minute, I promise.  But one minute is way too long to leave the twins and Thad alone!!  So, I'll hold it.  For another hour....

The twins have decided they want to be mountain climbers and they are practicing on everything!  They really get a kick out of climbing the stairs  (there is a gate--but Thad often forgets to close it)  If I don't see one for a minute and everything is just too quiet, I run to the stairs and there they are--climbing just as fast as their little legs will take them.  Eeiiyiiyii.  If one of them climbs up on a box and the other one tries to join them they play King of the Mountain.  And if someone forgets to close the door to the bathroom--guess where I find them?  Mmmhmmm.  Which means I just turn in circles all day between the three of them.  I'm a little dizzy.

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Chelsea said...

just recently found your blog and am enjoying it so much i decided to start at the beginning. I to am a mother of four...also have a set of twiins :) b/b. this post made me smile...going to the bathroom alone..."nuff said!


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